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Welcome to a weekly feature on my blog – Ben’s Zone. Written by husband… Ben. A foodie, coffee obsessed, ex-smoking, ex-drinking and Ridgeback loving Dad. Who is also seriously into his fitness.  You can find him on the blog (most) Sundays. Enjoy 🙂

How to Relax on Father’s Day

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I’ve blogged before about how fathers day, to me, is a sticky issue. On one hand, I love to be pampered and the centre of attention, on the other being a Dad is reward in itself, I don’t need a Blue Peter badge for it. That being said the kids get kick out of doing stuff for it and I know my wife likes to make it a special day too, so we have a bit of fun. I like to have balance in my Father’s day, doing some stuff that is for me and me alone but also getting back to the root of it all and spending some really good quality time with the family.

It’s a fun day so my first tip is to wake up nice and early. If you’re going to have a special day, why waste it by being in bed and missing the best part of the day (I’m a morning person)? I like to be up and enjoying the June weather from the word go. My next tip is to start the day with some cardio. It’s a celebration day so calisthenics and burpees are most definitely not on the menu, but some nice cardio will set the endorphins flowing, get me out into the daylight and get everything started in the right way. I’m not aiming to break any personal bests or even cover massive distance but we’re often on holiday for Father’s day so a run by the beach is a treat not to be missed.

Once that’s done it will be family time. I’ll come back and have breakfast with the wife and kids and spend some time revelling in the circus that is our family at meal times. No doubt my daughter will demand raisins and sing happy birthday off key and no doubt my son will have some new Lego creation he wants my opinion on. I love this part of every day and Father’s day will be no different.

Once the family are off getting dressed (I’ll make use of the Dad privilege to avoid teeth cleaning duties) I’ll probably pop out for some more ‘me’ time, if we’re near the coast and the waves permit I’l have a nice relaxing surf. There’s nothing better than a surf to clear my mind, energise my body and get the adrenalin pumping. When the wife and kids join me on the beach I’ll head out for some exploring and rock pooling with the monsters while the wife gets some down time to read and enjoy the weather.

As regular Ben’s Zone readers will know, I’m a big lover of food and I don’t count calories on Father’s day. I’m not one for super busy restaurants so we’ll stay home and what could be more natural than a lazy afternoon barbecue? I find the best approach is to serve numerous courses one by one so as not to overwhelm people with food and to spread out the experience over a lazy afternoon.

I’ll round up with some more time playing with the kids until dinner, it may be Father’s day but my wife still needs time to relax as well. I’ll probably avoid the more arduous elements of bath time but I’ll make sure I’m there to read stories and give copious good night kisses.

It all sounds pretty blissful. What I will also be doing is making sure that with all of the fun I have, surfing, barbecues, baths that the fun isn’t ruined by a preventable accident. I’ve written this post in conjunction with SHEilds Health and Safety Training who can assist in providing courses to train you in avoiding accidents where possible. Forget unfair stereotypes, health and safety is simply about making sure that fun isn’t ruined by an accident that need not have happened, usually by making a proper assessment of any potential risk. So, for example, I won’t be surfing where I know there are rip tides, or dangerous rocks, the kids won’t be near the barbecue when I cook on it, or when it is cooling down and whoever does bath time, there will be an adult with the kids at all times. It’s not about spoiling fun or damping down a party, it’s all about making sure the day isn’t ruined by an awful and preventable accident. So that’s my final tip, whatever your Father’s day is, even if it involves a big, pointless lie in, be safe.

Ben was also featured in this free eBook on healthy safety tips for children for Father’s Day, please feel free to download it.

Fathers day ebook – SHEilds

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