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Welcome to a new feature on my blog – Ben’s Zone. Written by husband… Ben. A foodie (he doesn’t admit it, but he’s a total food snob), coffee obsessed, ex-smoking, ex-drinking and Ridgeback loving father (our dog adores him – as does our son whose favourite toys are cooking related just like his Dad). Who is also seriously into his fitness. Be it bikes (he has far too many) or more recently muddy racing after completely Tough Guy (and getting hypothermia just for the fun of it) in January this year. Oh and he has a bit of a penchant for pink. He will blog pretty much about the above and you can find him on the blog (most) Sundays. Enjoy 🙂


Forget about Father’s Day

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So it’s Father’s Day today and once again I will be totally ignoring it. I’m normally keen on celebrating and so take every opportunity I can but I just can’t bring myself to be bothered about a day where the big news is ‘I’m a Dad’. The thing is, being a Dad and doing what Dads do is pretty much what I signed up for. I don’t need a special day to commemorate my skills with superglue, my abilities to check bedrooms for monsters or my tendencies to introduce babies to Black Sabbath, it’s what I signed up for. When my son came, there was nothing more my wife and I wanted than to have a child, it had taken a long time, so now each day I get to spend mucking around with my kids is a true gift. I don’t need a day for that, it’s not a special favour I’m doing my family by hanging around and being there for them.

The thing with fatherhood is, who gets the most out of it? Is it my kids? Well I do my best but I’m no better than most. My wife? Probably best I skip answering that. It’s me of course. I know there’s going to come a time when my kids don’t want to hang out with me, but right now I’m making hay while the sun shines. I enjoy every minute of every hour I get with the kids, to get a day celebrating me for doing something I love seems a bit bonkers, doesn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Mother’s Day, far from it, but then I didn’t have to give up my body for 9 months just to have the child. Even now, if there’s a grazed knee or a bumped head, it’s not Dad that is requested for a feel better hug, it’s Mum and yeah, she signed up for it too, but it’s a big ask and a big responsibility. So she gets a day to be spoiled and pampered and in return I don’t have to fight our daughter at the daily battle of nap time.

This year for Father’s Day no one will be buying me cards or gifts, and no one will be cooking me dinner. I’ll spend the day playing with my kids and maybe we’ll all cook dinner together. Actually, that’s pretty much all I could ever want on a Father’s Day.

I may change my mind when they hit their teens.

9 thoughts on “BEN’S ZONE: Forget About Father’s Day”

  1. That was a lovely read Ben, enjoy every moment it all goes so fast. I loved that time when the Girls were little. Enjoy the beach.

  2. I love your attitude to Fathers Day but I hope Laura still gets spoilt on Mothers Day because she’s pretty amazing and loves pink things! x

    • Oh don’t worry Donna, Laura gets spoiled on Mothers Day. That’s a different thing though. At the very least mothers have to go through pregnancy and that’s a big deal which should be marked. I just don’t think a similar thing for men is warranted because the experience for us isn’t the same.

  3. That is a lovely post Ben, and I know that the years with my children were some of the best in my life. Teenage years can be hard work, and occasionally you look back and think how things have changed. But there is something just as brilliant to come. One day, they stop being angry, always right, teenagers, and they come back as adults. Then they bring lovely partners to meet you. And, sometimes, they bring you grandchildren – don’t get me started on how amazing they are!. Enjoy your time with your little ones this Fathers Day and every day.

    • Ha! Let me know the day I stop being right and I’ll point out your mistake mum.

      I hope to be patient with my two as you and dad were with me

  4. What a lovely post.

    My husband isn’t really fussed by Father’s Day either and generally tells me to not both but this year I did. Although I just bought a couple of cards and a small personalised gift, which I got for free from my friend’s small business! He also cooked dinner because he usually does on Sundays and roast dinners terrify me.

    You’re absolutely right of course; one day our small children will be teenagers and will no longer want cuddles or comforting.


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