My Happiness Non Negotiables List

happiness non negotiables list

My Happiness Non-Negotiables List

I was tagged by Maria at Suburban Mum to share my happiness non negotiables list. Which is a list of things in our day to day lives in order to make us happy. Things that are not negotiable in our lives after things like food and of course our families. Because it goes without saying my family would absolutely be first.

Reading Time

I’ve written about this before on the blog, but my reading time every night is sacred. Sometimes it’s only a couple of pages and other night it can be a whole hour. But it is my time for a little head space and escapism. Even if I am really tired I will always try at least two or three pages. In general I have to be unwell not to read every day.

Make Up

Another topic I have tackled on the blog before too if the fact that I like to wear make up everyday. Not loads and loads, I aim for a natural look, but I feel happier in myself and more confident when I have make up on. I don’t really like my skin and would prefer to get up early in order to do it than not wear make-up.

Chilled Time

Whenever I tell people that I’m a bit of an introvert they always seem quite surprised, because when you get to know me I am quite chatty and out-going. But there comes a time in my week when I just need some quiet time. Time without anything going on, to just sit, chill and relax. Some weeks it’s a snatched hour, otherwise weeks it’s a chilled Sunday afternoon.

Family Holidays

Family holidays are the best of times. I look forward to them with so much excitement and plan them with glee. We are fortunate in that we can afford a big two week holiday each year and I hope this continues when my son starts school. They are the best of memories, I love nothing more than spending days with my family doing fun things, even if it is simply building sand castle, reading books, or licking ice creams.

My Phone / Kindle / iPad

I am a bit of a gadget geek. I love gadgets, being such a massive bookworm my Kindle has saved big storage dilemmas for me and being a blogger I am permanently attached to my phone. Be it taking photos, checking social media, I even use the notes for writing my shopping list rather than writing it on paper. My iPad is also a much loved possession which I wouldn’t be without.

Diet Coke and Chocolate

And finally on my list, two of my favourite things to consume. I’m not much of a drinker of alcoholic drinks, but I do love a Diet Coke in the evening and nothing, but nothing beats chocolate, it’s perfect for happy and sad days alike.

I now tag Rachel from The Melton House, Angela from Days in Bed and Clare from Sons, Sand and Sauvignon if you would like to take part in the happiness non negotiables list.

5 thoughts on “My Happiness Non Negotiables List”

  1. Oh Laura. I love this post. I love chocolate too and am missing it so much. I haven’t ever tried coke which is probably a good thing. I haven’t got a kindle yet but it’s something I’d like one day. My number one would be family holidays. I love these too! They are the best! Angela from Daysinbed x


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