Do You Always Wear Make Up?

Make upI was having a lazy Sunday the other week and I commented to my husband I’m sorry I’m just too tired today and I’m not going to wear any make-up. He looked surprised and responded that I was the only woman he’s ever dated that wore make up virtually every day.

I’ve never really thought about my propensity to wear make up everyday, it is just something I have always done. It started in my teens when I unfortunately suffered from terrible acne, and continued from there. I don’t think I wear loads, but on average each day I always wear foundation and concealer (I don’t have great skin), mascara and eye-liner (not always eye-liner) some blush and a bronzer. I don’t see this as excessive. And when it comes to money and budgets I would see these cosmetic items as essentials. If I’m going out it will be more.

If I don’t wear make up, I genuinely think I look pretty awful, I try to keep the look light. But I don’t have great skin and my eyelashes are fair. These two factors, I believe mean that make up is a must.

There are exceptions, if I’m feeling ill, if I’m having a lazy day and after my son was born I think I had 3 weeks straight when I didn’t wear any make up, until I got some sort of routine together. But generally day to day, make up, is in my belief a necessity. Ok if there was a zombie apocalypse this might change, but in the modern world we live in.

However, I do have friends that very rarely wear make up and then I see them with make up and I think I actually prefer you without it. I prefer the softer, natural look on them.

My husband’s flippant remark did make me wonder if perhaps I was being silly. Do I over worry about wearing make up before I go out to face the world? For me it’s a confidence thing and most probably the consequence of having suffered with horrendous acne when I was in my teens. I’m not sure it’s something I can ever see changing.

How about you do you always wear make up?

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  1. I’m the opposite and I never wear make up, unless I am going for a night out or to a wedding or something like that. I like wearing make up but I suppose I’m just lazy.

    I’m also lucky in that I have pretty clear skin and lots of freckles that cover a multitude of sins! I’ve got big eyes with dark eyelashes and eyebrows. That said I still think I look better with a bit of make up on – I just can’t be bothered finding the time to put it on!!

  2. I never wear any, last time was…1,5 years ago at a wedding. But I did put some concealer on a zit before photoday.

    I am just lazy and my skin gets irritated

  3. Yeah I’m way too lazy to do make up for everyday, I guess mostly because I’d have to do it in the morning and I’m not a morning person at all.

    I do however feel a bit naked without my nails done but I do them in the evening so it’s easier to find the time.

    I also think it then makes it a bit more special on the odd occasion we do actually get dressed up for a night out because it’s not the normal daily routine.

    Hubby definitely doesn’t like the high maintenance look and I think he’d get frustrated if I was spending a lot of time doing my make up before leaving the house although I guess I’d get quicker/better at it if I did it daily.

  4. I’m also in the wear-make-up-every-day camp. My skin’s always been good, so I’m lucky in that respect. However, I’m very fair skinned. Like really, really pale. Without foundation and a little blusher, I think I look washed out.

    Like you, I have very fair eyebrows and eyelashes. My natural hair colour is mousey, so I can go blonder or darker quite easily. At the moment, I’ve gone reddish brown which I think brings a bit more colour to my cheeks.

    My make up essentials are foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blusher, and lip gloss or lipstick. So, yeah, I guess I wear quite a lot, but I tend to put on very little of each product unless I’m going out at night. My absolute fave meke up slurge is Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes.

  5. Thanks for all your comments!

    @Sarah I wouldn’t say lazy, I just think different people are different. It sounds like you are lucky with your skin and features too – which makes me jealous 😉

    @Blodeuedd wow 1.5 years of never wearing make up, I couldn’t imagine doing that ever. I could honestly say I would rather be late to work than go to work without make up. Sounds like you are blessed with good skin! (Other than the zit on photo day!)

    @Alice I wouldn’t say or hope that I’m not high maintenance and certainly don’t go for the Jordan look. I try to go for an enhanced natural look lol! But I do get up earlier in the mornings in order to allow for make-up time. I however, never do my nails. I do on my toes in the summer, but it has literally been years since I painted my finger nails. I would say my husband has got used to allowing for make-up time, but I try to get it all done in about 10 mins.

    @Zara hurrah someone who agrees with me 🙂 sounds like you’re similar to me, I tend to do either eyeliner or eyeshadow unless I’m going out. Lipgloss is usually reserved for going out too. It sounds like me you try to achieve a natural look with it too. I own nothing by Urban Decay, but I am going to Google right now!

  6. I’m allergic to just about every eyeshadow out there except Urban Decay. I love their Naked and Naked 2 palettes for everyday wear. The colours are natural without being boring, glide on, and last for ages. I’ve had both for almost two years and I’m just reaching the stage of needing to replace them.

  7. @Zara I am a big Bobbi Brown eye shadow fan for similar reasons, but I am still going to check out Urban Decay

    @Grace I’m jealous, but some people do genuinely look better without it 🙂

  8. I’ve never worn that much makeup, maybe lipgloss and some mascara. Luckily I’ve been blessed with good skin so I’ve never experienced spots/breakouts other than maybe one or two over my life.

    Now though I’ve been getting into beauty stuff a bit more and although I will quite happily leave the house without makeup, I’ve started to apply if I’m going out for longer than popping to the shops. It’s fun.

    I know everyone is different, but I don’t think it’s bad if you feel you can’t leave the house without makeup just as I don’t think it’s bad if you can. I think everyone is different and you should just do what’s right for you.

    My hubby likes me with and without makeup, so he doesn’t really care what I do LOL

    Loving the new design btw 🙂 x

  9. Thanks Carolyn 🙂
    My husband also doesn’t mind with with or without, he actually thinks I’m a bit silly about it. It’s a personal thing, I have got more relaxed since I’ve had Logan, time is not always my friend! And do pop out quickly or go for a dog walk etc without it now, which I wouldn’t have done before. But in general I do feel much happier in my make up.

  10. Hi Laura, I found this very interesting because just today that I may go to work wearing a bit of ‘face’ tomorrow. I went through a phase months ago of wearing a bit of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara but then I think I had a streaming cold and I couldn’t be bothered with the panda eyes! I may well wear a bit of face tomorrow but my issue is time and how to apply it properly!

  11. Oh you see I would always get up earlier to do my make up! Even for the school run. I’m bonkers I know 😉 although I i do understand what you mean about panda eyes when you have a cold.

  12. I’m like you Laura, don’t feel properly dressed without some make up. The amount varies with what I am doing with my day, but I wouldn’t normally go out without foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick – I really love lipstick, it makes me feel girly! I’d add eyeliner and blusher/shimmer for more special occasions. And wearing it everyday gives a special feeling of relaxation to the occasional day when I am not leaving the house, being lazy and not facing the world. And although I hate getting up early, I will always be up in enough time to do my face. And yes, I may be retired now, but I did it when I had small children too 🙂

  13. I am with you Laura I had bad skin in my teens too, even then I loved makeup and enjoyed practicing different ways with eye shadow. I always wear face makeup but not always eye makeup as I wipe it off with watery eyes from the cold and wind! Makeup is part of my routine, I always make time for it. Apart from a makeup routine moisturising and daily sun protection is a must for me, all year round.


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