Five Years Ago – The Day We Weren’t Sure Would Ever Happen

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Finding out You’re Pregnant After Infertility

Yesterday marked the five year anniversary of me discovering that I was pregnant with our eldest, our son. Some of you may think this is not such a big deal. But it was.

The Friday before I had spent a lot of the very upset, a relative had announced they were pregnant you see, my husband was away. I was stuck in this place of being happy for them and wondering if it would ever, ever happen for us. I couldn’t stop the tears.

We had been trying to have a family for 2.5 years, a consultant had told us we would probably be unable to conceive naturally. But I had to lose 3 stone before I would be considered for fertility treatment. I had lost the weight and our appointment was in fact less than a week to go. But it seemed such a huge mountain to climb, so far away.

I had started feeling poorly over the weekend. I had had some prawns, and had put it down to them being slightly off. Then at work I had to started to feel a bit light headed. I chatted to my sister about it and she said I bet you’re pregnant. I scoffed. But she made me to promise if I was still feeling poorly the next day I would take a test.

The next day I still felt light headed and on and off nauseous. I decided the next morning I would take a pregnancy test just in case. But I didn’t believe it would be positive.

I remember that morning oh so well. I did not think that test would be positive at all. I peed on the stick. I left it on the side. I went downstairs and fed the dog and cats, made myself a cup of tea before I thought I had better go and check.

When I first saw those two lines, I honestly did not believe what I was seeing. I took a photo and text the picture to my sister asking – does this mean I’m pregnant? It was early, luckily she was up and called me back straight away, full of squeals. It took a long time for it to sink in. This amazing, awed feeling.

Remember I said my husband was away? So I started trying to call him straight away. Of course, he didn’t answer. In the end I gave up and had a shower. Then I got a phone call from him – I’ve had about 100 missed calls what’s going on? He had a big presentation with work that day, he said after I told him our news he was no longer nervous, all he could think about was our news.

I then went on to buy another pregnancy test – which told me in writing that I was pregnant. There is something more conclusive seeing it written down than just those two lines.

Five years ago was the start of a dream that I never thought would happen. A day that changed our lives. A day I will never forget. Our son and daughter may drive us both insane some days, but they are the greatest gifts.

The Day we weren't sure would every happen. Finding out You're Pregnant After Infertility. How it felt to find out I was pregnant after years of infertility & being told I couldn't conceive naturally.

50 thoughts on “Five Years Ago – The Day We Weren’t Sure Would Ever Happen”

  1. Incredible post. I’m actually a bit teary as I can empathise with how you look at that first test in utter disbelief! Doesn’t seem real but then everything just hits you.

  2. This is so lovely to read as we’re on our second year of trying and I’m also trying to lose weight! You have given me some much needed hope. Thank you!

    I can only imagine the shock, excitement and sort of relief that came with seeing those two lines.

  3. What a fab story Laura. I never knew this and totally can relate to the whole fertility difficulties problem. I lost almost three stone to have Sylvia and I wonder if i had not had the treatment i had, whether i would have naturally gotten pregnant at a lower weight? What a lovely story and i love that you rang the hubby over and over lol! It must have been exciting telling him! Angela

    • Ha ha I did keep ringing him and he still didn’t wake up. I do think weight is really related to fertility, I had to lose weight in order to conceive both of my children x

  4. Aw such a beautiful post that literally gave me chill bumps! What an amazing miracle that must have been! Congratulations on both of your beautiful blessings 🙂

    • Oh thank you Cara. It was an amazing miracle, I have been thinking a lot this week that to think just over 5 years ago and I wasn’t sure I would have this.

  5. How lovely! I had IVF to have Piglet, as although I didn’t have fertility issues, I didn’t have a partner, so different situation, but I know that longing for a baby only too well. Now I’m longing for a second one and still no partner, argh! #KCACOLS

  6. Such a lovely post Laura, and I bet that was an amazing day for you both. It’s lovely that you can remember it so well. Children are so precious and we should treasure everyday with them. Claire x #PickNMix

  7. Such a lovely post – I love hearing about when couples first find out, it’s such a special time – and then every day that passes, just wishing them away until you feel that you can really be happy and confident that everything’s going to be okay. x #picknmix

  8. I love reading the stories of how people learned they were pregnant. It’s such an exciting time and an occasion that you’ll never forget. I’m so glad that you got the happy news you wanted so badly 🙂

  9. LOVE this post, I suspect it’ll give hope to people as well who are trying at the moment. Beautiful post and I am so pleased it all worked out for you and you have your little family now 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix
    Stevie xx

    • Thank you. If you had told me when we were going through the heartache of trying it would pan out like this I never would have believed you.

  10. I love this post Laura!! It is a lovely story and I’m so happy for you as I can imagine how hard must have been to wait almost 3 years to have your first baby!! That is amazing!! I agree with you when you say that our kids may drive us insane but they are the greatest gifts. So true. Thanks so much for sharing this story at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

    • It wasn’t always the easy waiting that long, but I am also a firm believer in that things happen for a reason. We were obviously meant to wait, but it was so worth it.

  11. just stopped by from another blog and absolutely love the post! I can completely understand that moment of happiness and how tempted you were to re-check:)

    Have a lovely parental journey!

  12. Aw what a lovely happy ending – I have a very similar story, my best friend called me to tell me she was pregnant by accident and what was she going to do, I’d been trying for 6 years to get pregnant. To make it worse, it was my birthday and she had forgotten. We were about to fly out for holidays, I remember on about day 3 of our holiday I had a fluttering in my tummy and thought – woah that was weird. When I got home I took a test and it was positive – It seems such a long time ago now!!

  13. Awww such a lovely post. I must say you have really made me feel all of it in a matter of few minutes.
    Thank you. May lord bless you.


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