Ten Small Things To Help With Weight Loss

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Ten Small Things You Can Do To Help With Weight Loss

There are times in my life when I really struggle to get into the ‘diet zone’ even though I know I need to lose weight. But just because I cannot fathom dieting doesn’t mean there aren’t things I can do to help me be healthier and lose some weight in the process. Here is my list of ten things you can do that can help:

  1. Drink lots of water. Aim for at least 2-2.5 litres per day.
  2. Stop, drink first. Whenever you feel like eating or snacking on something you shouldn’t, have a glass of water first and wait at least 10 minutes. Often when we think we’re hungry we’re actually thirsty.
  3. Get rid of temptation. Whatever you weakness is – be it chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks – get rid of them and empty your cupboards. It’s much harder to cheat if you haven’t got your favourite naughty foods in.
  4. Take the stairs. Make a pact with yourself that wherever possible (& I know not always practical with a little one in a pram) you take the stairs and not the lift.
  5. Walk more. If it’s less than a mile change your plans so you always walk it. It’s good for the environment too.
  6. Make swaps. No sugar in your tea or swap for sweetener. Change less healthy snacks for fruit or veg. Swap your dinner plates for smaller ones and reduce your portion sizes.
  7. Cut down the carbs. Or even cut them out of some meals. If you can’t manage that try reducing the amount of carbs you have in a meal and increasing your protein or veg content instead.
  8. Set goals. Set weight loss goals even if it’s a pound a month, set them and aim for them. Having something to aim for keeps you focussed.
  9. Set step targets. You don’t need to invest in an expensive Fitbit or similar, although you can if want to. Pedometers are relatively cheap or you can get apps for your phone. Set a target and do it. Everyday.
  10. Do ten. Some of us can’t make or afford the gym. So this is something I am going to try. Do ten sit ups, push ups, star jumps, go up and down that stairs ten times. Or even find a ten minute work out on Youtube.

Do you have any additional tips you would add to the list?

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24 thoughts on “Ten Small Things To Help With Weight Loss”

  1. These are brilliant tips, Laura! I did really well losing weight after my second child & I did most of the things on your list. I did all of my exercise right at home & drank sooo much water. I haven’t got the proper motivation to lose the weight after my third pregnancy. I’ve had a few feeble attempts but gotten nowhere. I think setting goals is the key! x

  2. Great advice Laura! I got a garmin like at fit bit for Christmas and am measuring my steps which are very small but it’s something to monitor and I agree with the water it’s so important.

    I enjoyed your post! Angela

  3. I am doing many of these and also various yoga exercises to try and strengthen my back which will then enable me to do more physical work. The only point I might differ is over the sweeteners and I would say swapping sugar for a sugar substitute isn’t the best for your overall health and you might be better gradually giving up sugar in your tea/coffee etc. #memyselfandI

  4. Fab tips! I need to drink water more. And I agree (and must start doing) drinking water before reaching for the chocolate! Small things can make a huge difference without us even realising we are doing them! 🙂

    Gemma xx

  5. There are some fab tips here. I’ve fallen off my healthy eating programme and I’ve lost motivation to get back on it but remembering there are some other simple things I can do has helped. Perhaps once I start with smaller changes I’ll be able to tackle the food again! Thank you x


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