Sometimes Maybe Mum Needs To Come First

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Sometimes Maybe Mum Should Come First

As the new year rapidly approaches, a few (many) of us are probably starting to think of New Year goals. Mine last year and will continue to be in 2016 weight loss. I am 2 stone down, but have more to go. For me this journey is about being happier and healthier for not just me, but my family too.

I sometimes think when you are a mum of young ones this can be hard to achieve. After you come out of the sleep deprived cocoon (if it ever ends!) of new parenthood there comes a time when you start to think about those pre-pregnancy jeans – you may or may not fit back into them. You may not even want to (that’s fine too).

But what you are most aware of I think, is how massively things have changed. Suddenly your needs and wants have moved to the bottom of the ladder, far below that of your family.

There is also things like exhaustion, in some cases unfortunately depression (which I am going to refrain from commenting on simply because I have no expertise) and lack of time to consider. A jog, a workout class, a swim sometimes seem near impossible.

A quick biscuit, takeaway or bowl of cereal are easier some days than a proper dinner when you are so tired the world around you is starting to blur.

For me, I am lucky my husband is a good cook, but I struggle with exercise. My daughter rarely sleeps through the night and is up regularly. The time I could really go out and exercise is after my children go to bed and quite frankly by then I am ready to collapse in a chair never to emerge again. Or as I do work from home, it also the time for me to sit down and do some work. The most success I have had is with fitness videos on YouTube, doing them in the day and getting the children involved. Although this has led to some being done, with great difficulty or with a crying and unhappy baby in my arms, while dodging passing digger riding dinosaurs. Davina never has that to contend with!

However, it occurs to me thar by letting this goals slip, either due to tiredness or prioritising something else instead I am doing myself and my health a disservice. Maybe sometimes as Mums, or more accurately parents we have to prioritise things in order to be healthier individuals for our children.

I am not hugely successful at this, but I know this is something I need to change. To be fitter, healthier and more active. For my health, but also so my children understand it is the right thing to do and the way you should be for their own health.

Therefore in 2016, there must be some days when my fitness has to come first. Because it will make me a better parent, excavator wielding dinosaurs be damned. And perhaps the more I practise, the more my children will understand why and maybe even join in.

Do you find exercise easy with small children?

15 thoughts on “Sometimes Maybe Mum Needs To Come First”

  1. Exercising with you children is a good idea. It becomes fun rather than boring and perhaps they we’ll motivate you to keep going! Good luck! Xx

  2. Ah yes I sympathise with this, after #2 I joined a gym and forces myself to go as soon as hubby got home from work but now there are 3 children and a smaller income I am struggling as there’s no gym! I think small physical changes can help as a starting point, I.E park further away and walk briskly to the shop etc. I really need to focus on my fitness for 2016 so I hope you continue to write about your journey x

    • Thanks Vita, yes you’re right small changes like walking further and leaving the car behind do make a difference and can give you easy ways of getting the excercise in.

  3. The only real exercise I manage is the school run and since I walk so slowly I’m doubtful that it counts as exercise. I know that I need to do some, purely from a health perspective but I just don’t know what I can do thanks to the chronic pain I suffer with. I used to love going to classes, like aerobics. Maybe once I am driving I can look at something that may be more suitable for me.

    • Oh it must be very hard for you, maybe something gentle like swimming might work? Living with chronic pain though makes things very different I hope you find a solution x

  4. This is a fantastic post and couldn’t agree with you more as mums/parents we do need to make time for ourselves to be healthy. I am unfortunately and expert at putting myself and my needs last. I put my family 1st every time. Something I need to work on too. My 2016 goal is to just be healthier and just more active as a family. #memyselfandI

  5. I agree 🙂 some great places to start for 2016! when my son hit 2 I realised I hadn’t really done anything for myself for two years so I joined a netball club. You could always look into doing a club, class or group at least once a week, to get you out and uninterupted workout time. Also it’s a great way to socialise and meet new people too and if you can’t exercise the rest of the week you are safe in the knowledge that you’ve gone out and had that one decent day? just a thought, that’s how I cope :p

    • That’s a really nice idea. I have actually debated going to a class as a nice way to get out of the house. I may have a look around the local area.

  6. It can be really difficult to fit it in with young children. I’m lucky in a way I work shifts so sometimes when I am off Mini M is in nursery or Mr M is around to have him so I fit in my running then. I have to go out of the house though, a DVD just doesn’t seem to work as there are too many distractions in the house. Look forward to following how you get on #memyselfandi

    • Running (short distances) is something I have thought that I could maybe do in the evening when my OH is home as I agree it would be nice to get out the house and get some fresh air.


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