CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW: The Terrific Dinosaur Book

terrific dinosaur book 1

The Terrific Dinosaur Book
14 Pages
Children’s Non Fiction
Published by DK Children
Age range: 3+

The Terrific Book of Dinosaurs is a rather fabulous educational book for children who, like my son really love dinosaurs. We bought it for his birthday last month, he turned 4, and he absolutely loves it. While it is a factual book, all of the information is delivered in a fun and interactive way. To up the cool factor the book even roars!

terrific dinosaur book 2

The first couple of pages have lots of pictures of dinosaurs where you can life the flaps and see lots of fun facts. As a relative dinosaur novice myself (my son now knows more dino names than I do), I actually found this pretty enjoyable and interesting. I also really appreciated the phonetic spellings of some of the dinosaur names too!

terrific dinosaur book 4

The illustrations are great and all of he different flaps and configurations of the pages, really make the book come to life.

terrific dinosaur 5

Then there are pages where you can make the dinosaurs move. Here you can move the spinosaurus’ jaw and tail.

terrific dinosaur 6

Or make the Pteranodon’s dive into the sea for fish.

terrific dinosaur 7

The grand finale is a rather fabulous pop up T-rex that my son likes to make me repeatedly pop up and has serious wow factor. When I saw these pages, I just knew I needed to buy it.


A really fantastic factual, but imaginative children’s book, that I can not recommend enough for dino loving boys and girls.

Rating: 5/5

Buy the book on Amazon.

14 thoughts on “CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW: The Terrific Dinosaur Book”

  1. This book is fantastic Laura!! I’m sure all the kids will love it not only the Dino lovers!! Even I love it!! LOL I like the illustrations, the interaction and the story!! Perfect book perhaps to buy for a Christmas present, 😉 xxx

  2. This looks really fab Laura and I think it is a book any little boy wold love. I love that it has sound, lots of flaps/things to do and the big Dino sticking out! Makes it more fun than a flat page book! 🙂


  3. This book looks fantastic. Rowan is a little young for it yet but it’ll be fantastic when he gets older. I don’t really know many dinosaur names and I think I’d actually enjoy reading it too. Great interactive features too.

    Laura x #KLTR

  4. I love the interactive elements of this book and of course the pop up T-Rex!! Monkey is a little dinosaur mad and loves reading and playing with dinosaurs this would right up his street and its nice to have something other than a fiction book. Thanks for hosting #KLTR xx


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