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Weigh, Lose or Stay

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Week Four

I have definitely found this week much harder. I’ve struggled to keep up with my 3 litres per day and on several days have actually missed my target on more than one day. I’ve also really had to grit my teeth for wanting food, it’s so hard not eating proper food at all (other than a small amount of lean protein and veg on some days). I am sticking to it, because the results are so worth it, but I have come pretty close to crumbling on a couple of days.

It’s my daughter’s first birthday this week, and on Sunday we’re having a family barbecue to celebrate. It is also my birthday next week. So I have decided that as of Sunday, while I am going to eat sensibly, I am going to have a week off plan and enjoy some food and then after birthday celebrations are finished I am going to have two more weeks back on plan before we go on holiday.


Diet following: Cambridge Weight Plan (read more here)

Weight lost this week: -3lbs

Number of weeks on the diet: 4

Weight loss in total: 20lbs / 9kg (which is just a little bit more than my nearly one year old daughter weighs!)


This week:

Bust: -0cm

Waist: -4cm

Hips: –2cm

Arms: -0cm

Legs: -1cm

Total loss this week: -7cm

Total lost so far: 27cm


My goals are:

  1. My next big goal is to lose two stone – when I reach this goal, I will treat myself to a fab pair of hoop earrings I have seen on Stella and Dot – 9lbs to go maybe I can do it before I go on my hols in June?
  2. Third goal – to get my wedding rings to fit on the correct finger – no luck yet, but it’s getting very close I have to say.

Linky Rules

I must stress this is open to anyone, you do not have to join in the Linky if you just want to share your weight loss or maintenance stats in the comments, this is totally fine. But if you want to link up that is also fab.

This is a feature that everyone can join in with (including my own clients!). Not every body is on a diet, but they do like to keep an eye on their weight for maintenance purposes. So this is a weekly weigh-in whether you want to lose weight or stay the same.

The more the merrier please join in. It doesn’t matter what diet you are following, dieting is hard whatever route you take this is just about supporting one another.

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8 thoughts on “Weigh, Lose or Stay #5”

  1. You are doing so well on your loss but the Cambridge Diet does sound like a super tough one. I put 1lb on this week which I expected as we went away at the weekend and I only had one fast day last week instead of two.

    • It is a super tough one I have to admit and I am struggling this week. I am very much looking forward to a little break next week. 1lb will come off very quickly, don’t worry x

  2. This week ? Stayed the same. Definitely not happy, even went for a jog in the rain. Considering having a leg cut off just to see those scales go down.

  3. Wow, you’re doing well. I must remember to do measurements before I do my whole sort of lifestyle overhaul and seriously get into it. Typically, today was the day I was going to get cracking and I woke up full of cold! But surprisingly, I have resisted the urge to hide from the world and my toddler in bed with chocolate and I have eaten relatively well (in my opinion!) Looking forward to reading your updates and hopefully plucking up the courage to join in! You’ve given me some good points to take into account though – I love the goals, measurements and other tiny bits of info. Fab! Ray xx

    • Hi Ray 🙂 yes measurements makes a huge difference because some weeks you don’t lose much weight, but you lose loads on inches and that helps keep you motivated. I look forward to reading your posts and well done on eating well even though you are feeling poorly x

  4. Hi Laura!

    You’re doing so well. I started the CWP on Monday and have found it just about okay so far. I think I’m reaching ketosis, as I’m feeling less hungry, but I’m still craving food at every turn. When I keep busy, things are at bit easier. But having a spare moment to myself means I just dream about pizzas, meat and other delicious bits and bobs!

    I’m doing well with the water intake, so (so far) have managed to avoid the headaches. Though I doubt that luck will stay with me very long!

    I’m already getting a bit bored of the monotony of not being able to eat. Very concerning, as I’m only just ending day 3 right now! Hopefully if I get a good loss next week it’ll spur me on to keep going.

    Take each week as it comes, eh…

    Keep it up!x

    • You really do have to take each week as it comes, when I did the diet before I remember some weeks I’d go to see my consultant, convinced I wasn’t going to do another week and then get on the scales and find the motivation to do another week on it 🙂 keep it up and do please stop by each week and let me know how you’re doing x


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