Weigh, Lose or Stay #3

Weigh, Lose or Stay

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Week Three

Week three, I have been on the Cambridge Diet two weeks now, for those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is a meal replacement diet. I’ve had some harder days this week. One in particular when I had been up in the night with my daughter, so for some days I have introduced a small protein based meal as I have felt like I needed the energy. (Sole Source + if you know the diet). I’m still drinking a minimum of three litres of water per day, and I really think I can see the difference this is making to my skin.

On Friday I was invited to last minute meal out for a friend who is moving. Meals out on the Cambridge Diet are always tough. I skipped starter and desert, drank sparkling water, and had sea bass with pancetta and a green salad to eat. I should have not eaten the pancetta and avocado in the salad, but it was so hard when it was sitting there looking all yummy on my plate! But overall, I think I did really well and I’m pleased with my results :).


Diet following: Cambridge Weight Plan

Weight lost this week: 4.75lbs / 2.2kg

Number of weeks on the diet: 2

Weight loss in total: 14.25lbs / 6.5kg


This week:

Bust: -2cm

Waist: -2cm

Hips: 0cm

Arms: -1cm

Legs: -1cm

Total loss: -6cm

Total lost so far: 13cm


My first goals are:

  1. Lose one stone – I reached this, this week hurrah! So I wll be getting myself some new make up :-).
  2. Get my wedding rings to fit on the correct finger – no luck yet, but I’ll get there.
  3. My next goal will be two stone – I hope to reach this before I go on holiday in mid June. Hopefully sooner, but it is my birthday mid May, and I am planning to have a couple of days off over this time, which may affect my weightloss. When I reach this goal, I will treat myself to …. Do you know I’m not really sure – I shall let you know next week.

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This is a feature that everyone can join in with (including my own clients!). Not every body is on a diet, but they do like to keep an eye on their weight for maintenance purposes. So this is a weekly weigh-in whether you want to lose weight or stay the same.

The more the merrier please join in. It doesn’t matter what diet you are following, dieting is hard whatever route you take this is just about supporting one another.

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6 thoughts on “Weigh, Lose or Stay #3”

  1. Well done another fantastic loss. Skip dessert that’s a swear word in my mind lol probably explains why I stuggle so much.
    Do you feel lighter? ☺

    • I struggle with skipping desert, it’s my favourite part of the meal!

      Yes I do feel lighter my jeans are definitely looser 🙂

  2. You’ve done really well! One thing I so so need to work on is my water intake. Its something I struggle with and sounds so daft esp when I know how good it is for me and i like drinking it! I hope you don’t mind, i just missed week 2 link up but had a post since last weds in my draft! I’m going to link a week 3 post this friday, but feel free to let me know if you’d prefer i didn’t do that! Well done on the meal, I don’t have the will power for refusing dessert, I think you ate a good meal there 🙂 x

    • Oh that’s fine Hannah 🙂

      Refusing desert if really hard… I keep just saying to myself it’s just for now.

      Water wise, it’s hard work to drink 3 litres I won’t lie, but I have an app on my phone and I tap it every time I drink a glass, it really helps x

  3. Great loss again, and you handled the meal out really well! You definitely earned your 4.75 lbs off.
    I have gained half a pound this week, not sure why but I am going to try drinking more water each day to see if that will help.

    • Half a pound will come off kick enough. Water is a really good idea, I have an app on my phone and tap it every time I drink a glass. Good luck for this week x


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