I’ve Had A Mini Makeover

My Mini Makeover

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I’ve been wanting to improve the look and feel of my blog for a little while now. I mentioned in my February Review that I have commissioned illustrator Ellie Illustrates to do some bespoke work for me. I am super, super excited about this, but as Ellie cannot fit me in until May, which means I have to be patient!

I also realised the more I’ve got into blogging that I wanted a bit more from my WordPress theme. For it to be more flexible and so that I can bespoke the look and feel. The more I researched the more it became obvious that I needed to pay for a premium theme. I was torn between two companies: Bluchic and Angie Makes as I loved their feminine styles.

More bloggers seem to use Bluchic and their website looks very professional, however, I kept being drawn the quirky feel of Angie Makes’ designs. So after much deliberation, I decided to go with one of her themes.

I’ve actually been really impressed, as I’m not very techincal, so I was worried about uploading my own theme and managing to tweak it to my taste. But, it’s been really simple. There are video tutorials and lots of how to guides on the Angie Makes’ website. If you are looking for your own new theme, I would definitely recommend it.

I’m still tweaking a bit as I get to grips with what I want to add and how it all works, but so far I’m really pleased with it. What do you think? Anything you would suggest I add or change?

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