MONTHLY REVIEW: February 2015

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February has been a seriously busy month for me. It has been two months since I have really decided to get properly back into blogging again, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed it in fact. I have also started talking to the wider blogging community and have loved getting involved and reading everyone’s posts. I’m still learning about what I like to read about and what people like to read, but I suspect that that will forever shift anyway.

I also decided to start taking clients as a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. I had been deliberating when was the right time for ages and had a few concerns about it, mainly due to how I would manage it around my children, was it the right time and on a personal level about my own weight. But, now I am into the swing of it and working with a few clients, I am so glad I am made this decision. It’s so nice to be doing a little work again after a year out. Talking with and most especially helping people on their journeys.

Top 3 Posts

Top Things That Have Made Me Happy

I was going to put 3, but I had more, so it seemed silly to limit the positive :-).

  • I was featured on Britmums SEND Roundup: Means Testing & Microchipping?
  • I made it onto the Tots100 Top 500 bloggers. I’m not sure if this is just a fluke, we shall see next month, but it made me happy either way.
  • I have commissioned illustrator Ellie Illustrates to design some bespoke elements for my blog. I have to patient as she can’t fit me in until May, but I know it will be well and truly worth the wait. Plus, it’s my birthday in May so it will be a bit of a birthday present.
  • As of this week (I know technically March) I have started working with my fifth client on the Cambridge Weight Plan. Which is just amazing as it’s a month since I started taking clients.

Top 3 Things To Focus on in March

  • To start my very own blog linky. More details to come on Monday!
  • To get my Facebook followers up to 100. They are currently at 77, wishful think maybe, but we’ll see.
  • To work with two more clients as a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.
  • To get more organised with my social media. I tend to share links just as and when it occurs to me and I think by doing this I am missing out on traffic. So I plan to start using Hootsuite and do a little scheduling.

How about you, how was your February? xxx

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  1. @Donna thanks I used to use it for work, I just need to get organised and start using it again

    @You Baby Me Mummy It has been thank you 🙂


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