Papery Peep Feb 15: New Business Stationery

New Business Stationery

I had planned for this month’s Papery Peep post to be about my stationery swap for The Reading Residence’s February #bringbackpaper challenge. But unfortunately I only got around to posting my swap out yesterday and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Also, the lady I am swapping with his been housebound with poorly chicken pox children, so I shall write about it next month instead :-).

The main focus for me has been about setting up my own business (you can read more here – I Am Now A Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant), which has brought with it an unexpected bonus…. new stationery. Not only new stationery… but, personalised make my own stationery! Woop!


First of all I started with my office essentials. A folder for my client files – why get a basic black file when you can pay 50p more and get this gorgeous one?! Anyone who knows me, will not be surprised by this. A pink ruler (of course), again why would I want silver paperclips when I could get colourful ones, plus how cute is that clipboard (for clients to complete medical forms on)? My one disappointment is that I couldn’t get a funky stapler.

Cambridge stationery

Next, I took my first virgin trip onto Vistaprint. There were the boring items – business cards, stickers to put on my business materials. Then I had really great fun designing a mini brochure to hand out to my clients with crib notes from our first consultant as part of their starter pack. This has really played into my creative side as I love creating and writing things.

I am currently working on reward gifts for clients when they hit certain weightloss milestones. I’m currently designing little cards that tell you which household items weigh as much as the weight you have lost. So people can then go home and lift said items and realise just how much extra they had been carrying around before. This has proved really good fun, I will share them when they are finished :-).

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  1. @Donna I know it does, doesn’t it? 🙂

    @Louise they’re fun aren’t they – I’m a total sucker for paying more for stationery if it’s pretty

    @The Reading Residence I can’t lie I have been particularly loving that stationery part! Thanks Jocelyn x

    @Youbabymemummy me too!

    @stephanie ha ha I had the same thought – do you think she’s notice? 😉


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