To my Daughter on her 10th Birthday

Dearest Aria,

Happy 10th Birthday!

We’ve hit double digits! How did that happen? I watch you and brothers grow so fast and it just seems to keep creeping up on me. It’s been a good year for you, after a tricky and turbulent year in 4 things have got better and friendships have settled down. Your love of magical things has expanded to all things Harry Potter and we’re going to Harry Potter World next month. But you also still love fairies and unicorns and of course good old Barbie.

This year has seen you being referred for an ADHD diagnosis via school, we’re still on the waiting list, but I think it explains a lot of the difficulties you have been having, and it also helps to understand you a little more. I guess we will see what the future holds and I am hoping we will have a diagnosis in place you when it’s time to move to secondary school. The concept of which seems too scary to comprehend right now!

This past year we have added some more musicals to our list Matilda and we’re off to see Starlight Express in September as a late birthday present. We have also been to see the Cirque De Soleil in London. Going on trips to the theatre with you is one of my favourite things to do.

Your passion for sewing and creating things has grown massively as you love designing dresses and sewing things for people and your dolls. You are adamant you are going to become a fashion designer when you grow up and I can really see it happening. You have done two sewing lessons at Sewisfaction and have made your very own teddy and tote bag. You also love creating or drawing amazing dresses for your Barbies. Today you asked what a prom dress is and then declared by the time you were that age, you would be making your own. I can’t wait to see it!

You are still learning to play the piano and I suspect you will be taking your grade one in the next year. You also go to rock school to learn to sing and thoroughly enjoy it. You have finished swimming lessons because you just don’t need them anymore – well done. As a family we have started to do Choi martial arts on a Saturday morning and you have been loving doing that and making new friends.

You can Logan has grown apart a little this year, I suspected that might happen when he started secondary school and while you love to squabble with, Bo has become you play pal through and through. I think perhaps you and Logan might become closer again when you move into year 7.

You are a magical, sparkly little girl who loves a cuddle and is so very passionate about everything she does. You love to learn, play and read and I am so super proud of you. You have your own sense of style, vision and passions and have always gone to the beat of your own drum which I love. You are sp special and I love you dearly.

Love Mummy xxxx

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