I’ve Launched a Podcast and a Little Life Update

Life has been a bit crazy these last 18-24 months. I think my back injury crystalised a lot of things for me. For the whole time I was in pain I felt like my whole life was on pause, consumed by pain and just getting by. I am so very grateful for my surgery and when my youngest started school, I knew it was time to reclaim more of me back. I love being a Mum, but I also needed more for me, because I didn’t want to turn my back on a career I had once loved.

Marketing with Confidence – My Marketing Business

It started when I saw a freelance marketing job advertised and I decided to go from it, and I am grateful that it has grown from there. In the last 18 months my business has grown rapidly. I now have several clients, mainly doing social media which I love. A marketing membership, I also run social media workshops and training days and it’s been amazing. A lot of this has been through collaborations with other amazing businesswomen whom I have met through networking – which I highly recommend if you freelance or run your own business.

I am not turning my back on blogging. I have loved blogging for years and it’s been an amazing creative outlet and career for me. I may have blogged less in recent months, but I have no plans to give up blogging and in fact hope to blog some more in the upcoming months.

Mumanist – The Podcast

In March I launched a podcast with fellow small business owner and coach Rebecca Hogan. The podcast – Mumanist – is a podcast about two things we are both very passionate about – motherhood and feminism. Women’s rights and equality as long time blog followers will know is something very important to and something I have written about extensively. Do come and give us a follow on social media and have a listen and let me know what you think.

I Haven’t Forgotten About My Book

For those of you who are invested in my book-writing journey, don’t worry I haven’t abandoned it. In January I entered the Curtis Brown Discoveries competition in January. The longlist is scheduled to be announced in April, hopefully anytime now, so please cross your fingers for me. It will get published, one way or another!

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