Summer Reads for You and Your Little One 

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Looking for some inspiration for summer reads with your little one? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Summer

I was very excited to see that a firm favourite in our household was appearing in a new book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Summer by the beloved author Eric Carle. Explore what the season has to offer with your favourite caterpillar. Learn about feeling the sunshine, listening to noisy bugs and more through this sensory-based board book.

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Mouse’s First Summer

If you are after a classic summer book, I’d recommend Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson where Mouse and Minka experience a sweet summer picnic at the park. Join them as they roll down a hill, fly kites, and eat juicy watermelon. 

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I Spy With My Little Eye Beach Book For Kids Ages 2-5

If you’d like to sneak a little educational content into the summer holidays this book looks like it would be great fun for everyone, I Spy With My Little Eye Beach Book For Kids Ages 2-5: A Fun Beach Guessing Game Picture Book For Toddlers And Kindergartners, Interactive Summer … For Kids. It would make the perfect gift for any child who loves Spying Colouring and having fun! 

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Blown Away

My kids absolutely adore Rob Biddulph and I honestly think his Draw with Rob books saved us during Lockdown, he has now ventured into Children’s books and the latest book, Blown Away looks like a good read.

Penguin Blue and his friends go on a gloriously illustrated adventure full of good ideas, homesickness, and the perils of kites, it’s a windy day, and he has a brand-new kite – but where’s he going on this maiden flight?

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Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles

You can’t go wrong with a book written by Michael Rosen, the highly regarded author of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. In Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles, Goldilocks and her little dog are off on an adventure, looking for that house again – the one with the chairs, the porridge and beds. The sound of the sea calls to them and before they know it, they have found quite a different sort of a house . . . there are bowls, and chairs and sort-of beds . . . plus some rather unexpected and hilarious inhabitants!

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The Case of the Lighthouse Intruder

If you have slightly older children and want something a bit more mature to read with them, The Case of the Lighthouse Intruder by Kereen Getten should while away a few hours.

Fayson’s dream of becoming a detective finally comes true when her cousins recruit her to their top-secret gang. But the Greatest Gang of All Time isn’t exactly living up to its name, constantly side-tracked by food, sleep and squabbles. Determined to set things right, Fayson takes charge and dives into the mystery surrounding a mysterious shadow haunting the island’s lighthouse.

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The House with A Dragon In It

Again for the slightly older reader, The House with A Dragon In Iy, by Nick Lake and illustrated by Emily Gravett is an adventure to treasure from two multi-award-winning creators, discover a classic story of family, friendship and believing in your own magic. 

When Summer and her foster family are having lunch one day, a hole appears in the middle of the living room. That hole leads to a dragon and the promise of three wishes, granted by a very unusual witch. I’m keen to buy it for my son as it’s right up his street.

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Whatever you do this Summer I can’t recommend picking up a book and reading to your children more, it a fab time to take time out, snuggle up with the kids and disappear into the author’s imagination. I really must take more time out to read with the kids, as they genuinely drop their screens and run when I mention reading them a story.

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