Beyond the Beach: Exploring Koh Samui’s Culture and Heritage

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The Thai culture is something so rich, and full of quirks, traditions and things to discover. Especially the food! When coming to Koh Samui, it’s great to enjoy the beach, but the culture and the island have far more to offer if you really look. 

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Ang Thong National Marine Park

Definitely, hands down, one of the best things to do in Koh Samui, and in the whole Gulf of Thailand. There is nothing like it anywhere. An archipelago of forty two islands, each one is natural, rugged and unique because this is a government-protected area. And a very very large area it is, hundreds of kilometres of unspoiled natural protected lands. As a national park, exotic wildlife can thrive and human development never gets to overstep its boundaries. Throughout the park you will see high limestone cliffs, hidden rocky caves, raw jungle, massive quiet lakes and powerful rivers, towering waterfalls, beautiful coral reefs, lagoons, and pristine sandy beaches, all surrounded by the sparkling blue ocean. 

Some of the amazing things to see on these island sanctuaries are things like an emerald green saltwater lake in the middle of the jungle. Koh Sam Sao is an island with amazing snorkelling because of the protected coral the tsunami and hurricane many years ago wasn’t able to touch it. Koh Mae is an island with sheer cliffs and a steep hike that culminates at a scenic viewpoint. Only tour boats that are approved by the government are allowed to enter, so travellers cannot access Ang Thong National Marine Park without booking a tour.

Mummified Monk

Wat Khunaram is a famous Buddhist temple where they have made an attraction with a mummified monk. It is quite fascinating for those who are interested about the monk Luang Pho Daeng, who died in nineteen seventy three. His body is now a source of income for the temple and wonder for tourists. He died while sitting in a meditative position and the religious thought this was a sign. If you want to visit the attraction, like any temple in Thailand you have to follow the proper dress code. No shoulders or knees showing, long sleeves and a sarong are your safest options.

The Big Buddha Statue 

Another attraction from the temple to try and make some income is the Big Buddha statue. Although many people don’t actually believe Buddha is real anymore, it still is an interesting look back at the darker times. It should definitely be on any list of things to see in Koh Samui as it is massive. Wat Phra Yai is a Buddhist temple complex that is perched on a small island off of Koh Samui’s northeastern coast. The massive golden Buddha statue sitting at the top of the temple stairs measures twelve metres tall and was built in the seventies. Sometimes you can see the statue from the aeroplane as you fly into the island airport. 

Thai Massage

Ok, you have probably had a massage before. However, the Thai style of massage is a bit different, an ancient healing practice that is revered all around Thailand for its stretching and healing moves. To be upfront, it’s not in any way a relaxing traditional massage. It is supposed to rejuvenate the body. You will feel amazing afterwards. Trained Thai masseuses bend and twist your body into odd positions. You will be stretched and beat like never before during a massage. This is said to get the blood flowing and soothe as well as strengthen your muscles. There are plenty of spas all over Koh Samui so find one that looks good and try it for yourself.

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