How to Improve your Self-Confidence

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Now that we are in the new year you may be starting to think about some personal goals for this 2023. For many, they are aiming to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Here are some tips to help you achieve a more confident you! 

Go to therapy

Sometimes a dip in self-confidence can be a result of something traumatic or some sort of emotional pain. When instances like this occur finding a professional to work things through with can be a great help.

A lot of our lives are affected by our mental state so being able to talk things through and gain some strategies to help can be the start of a new, confident you. 

Exercise more

When we think of exercise we often see weight loss as the end goal, but exercising has far more benefits. If you reframe and think of exercise as an aid for your health, it will enable you to get more out of it both mentally and physically. Exercising releases endorphins which make you feel great and therefore boost your self-esteem. 

Wear whatever makes you feel confident

Many of us are guilty of holding onto old clothes in the hope that we will fit into them again one day, but this does very little for our self-esteem as we are always reminded of a time we may view as better. Get rid of these pieces and only keep the ones that fit your current body, whatever size this is!

Also, try dressing in clothes that make you feel confident. If jeans always feel uncomfortable and don’t quite fit then get rid of them and replace them with some flattering leggings or dresses. 

Try new beauty trends and find your style

Looking in the mirror and loving what you see can be really hard, but experimenting with your style can help to change your view. Whether it be fashion or beauty, a small change can make a huge difference.

If you are looking for a lift to your skin that can easily be added to your daily routine, tan accelerators could be perfect for you. Tan accelerators help to boost the natural melanin in your skin to achieve skin that is glowing and streak free. 

Reduce social media usage

Social media can be such a useful tool for networking, keeping up with friends and family, and finding new inspiration in your life. However, it can be hard to differentiate between real life and edited life on social media, and that can be harmful to our mental health and self-confidence. 

Limiting the amount of time you spend on social media could help you to seek out positive posts rather than negative ones which will help the algorithm to work with you and find the influencers that help inspire you. 

Do something for yourself every single day

As a wider society, we are all leading busier lives and finding time to prioritise our own needs can be hard. Try and carve out a set amount of time a day to do something you love. Whether it is singing at the top of your lungs or reading in the quiet, allowing yourself to enjoy something will help your overall mood, as well as boost your confidence once those happy hormones are released.

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