My Hacks To Wrap Up Warm This Winter

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Every winter, we face a battle against the cold. Other countries may call us dramatic, seeing as it rarely gets deep into the minus degrees here in the UK. Still, it’s cold enough for us to definitely feel uncomfortable in and around the home. This year more than ever, we need to find ways of wrapping up warm so we can avoid putting the heating on

While there are plenty of things you can do to make your house warmer this winter, today’s post will focus on the clothes you wear. Here are some of my very easy hacks that WILL help you feel nice and toasty: 

Wear oversized hoodies

Normal hoodies are designed to fit quite snug, which doesn’t actually make them that warm and cosy. Instead, you should opt for oversized hoodies that hang below your hips and almost envelop you in the material. My favourite thing to do is to buy men’s hoodies as they are naturally larger than women’s ones. You can see plenty of options on if you need some inspiration. Opt for something that’s very big and lets you feel all warm and wrapped up. 

Buy thermal socks

Wearing thin socks or going barefoot around the home is a recipe for a cold disaster. If your feet feel cold, the rest of you will feel cold. I’m not entirely sure if that’s a proven scientific theory, but it’s how we feel in my house! So, the easy counter to this is to get some pairs of thermal socks. These socks are thicker and designed to retain heat, so your feet feel nice and warm. Honestly, try some out and see how much of a difference they make – you’ll be pretty damn amazed. 

Alternatively, you could opt for some fluffy slippers, but I think thermal socks are more practical. It can feel a bit awkward lying on the sofa with slippers on – it’s almost like you’re wearing shoes and it just feels weird. 

Get an electric blanket

Okay, this isn’t an item of clothing, but it is something you can wrap yourself up in to stay warm at home. Electric blankets are becoming very popular because they cost barely anything to run and provide you with instant warmth. I suggest covering your legs with them on the sofa or when you’re just laying around chilling. Your hoodie keeps your upper body warm and the heated blanket now keeps your legs warm. 

These blankets are also super useful in bed to ensure you don’t freeze overnight. Plus, if you’re someone that suffers from a lot of chronic back pain, lying on a heated blanket or placing it on your back will give you a lot of nice relief. So, it’s got dual benefits!

And on that note, you’ve learnt how to wrap up warm this winter in your home. By all means, look for other tips and pieces of advice for things to do around your home to prevent it from getting too cold. Most of these tips will revolve around improving the thermal insulation. Combine them with the advice above and you can get through the cold winter months.

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