Making The Bedtime Routine Easier For Kids

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Getting your kids to hit the hay is one of the hardest parts of being a parent. When they’re a teen it’s going to be hard to get them out of bed, but right now it’s hard to even get them to brush their teeth! Because bedtime can mean an end to all the fun they’ve had during the day, and it can be hard to unwind when you’ve got so much energy to spare. But when you approach the bedtime routine just right, you can encourage a peaceful and relaxing mood when it’s time to go to bed. Here are some tips to help out. 

Always Start at the Same Time

Starting at the same time each night will help your kids get into the routine without even thinking about it. Say their bedtime is 8:30 – the routine itself should begin at 8pm, and eventually the kids will be ready to go through the motions without you needing to tell them. Our minds and bodies thrive off of routines, so the sooner you set one and follow it religiously, the easier bedtime will be to pull off. 

Try to Keep it Short

Bedtime routines should never be long; at max they need to be about 25 minutes in total. Because otherwise kids will get bored! Sure they’re off to bed and need to relax, but if the routine is too long, they’ll just get all fired up again. So try to keep it short, even if your kids have to go through bath time before bed too. 10 minutes in the bath, 5 to change into their PJs, another couple to brush their teeth, and then you’ve got plenty of time left over to settle them into bed and start reading a story. 

Buy Them Some Fun Pyjamas

Kids love dressing up in fun outfits and costumes, so getting them some childrens pyjamas that are equally unique and awesome will help make bedtime feel more comfortable. Indeed, most kids would love to live in their pyjamas if they could, so a fun pair they can wear to bed that helps them feel more like themselves could really help. Not to mention that having pyjamas to change into helps to mark the beginning of the bedtime routine, so if they want to change, it’ll really smooth things over! 

Night Lights Go a Long Way

Some kids find it hard to sleep in dark rooms, and a night light on their bedside table or projected across their ceiling will go a long way. Not only can nightlights add another enjoyable element to the bedtime routine, what with the different colours and patterns of illumination, but they also help to alleviate any fears associated with getting into bed. And that’ll help to keep them in bed all night long! 

If your child tends to refuse, and even cries during their bedtime routine, use tips like those above to make the process a lot more comfortable for everyone.

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