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For a little while now, as a family, we have been trying to reduce our single-use plastic consumption where we can. From milk deliveries with glass bottles, to washable make-up wipes and period products. One of the things I have kept seeing and have never been sure about trying before is natural deodorants. I like the idea of them – made of natural products for a start. Plus, of course, there’s the reduction of plastic use. But I’ll be honest, I was sceptical they would do the job. I had tried an aluminium-free deodorant from a large well-known brand and it was ghastly, it did not do the job and by the end of the day, quite frankly, I smelled. So I didn’t want to invest in a natural deodorant if it was not going to do the job.

So it was with real interest I agreed to try and review Wild Deodorant.

What is Wild Deodrant?

Wild deodorant is a natural deodorant made up of all-natural ingredients. It contains no aluminium, no parabens and no sulphates. It is also vegan. It’s not an antiperspirant, and instead has ingredients that absorb your sweat rather than prevent you from sweating. The ethos being that sweating is a natural and normal process, it also has ingredients to prevent you from smelling (my main concern). It doesn’t block your pores and it doesn’t upset your PH levels.

All sounds really good and interesting so far.

How Does Wild Deodorant Work?

The process is a little different than your normal deodorant, there is a little investment upfront in that you need to purchase a case to put your deodorant insert into. This is a one-off payment and you keep this case and simply insert a new refill every time it runs out, rather than throwing it away each time like you do with a standard deodorant.

The case comes in different fun colours and you can pay extra to have it engraved. The deodorant part or the insert comes in a bamboo pulp case which can be recycled or composted after use, taking away any need for single-use plastic. A big win there in my book.

To spread the cost Wild also offer a subscription model. Where you can buy your case and first refill for £12 (a 20% saving) and then you can sign up to receive a delivery of 3 inserts every 2, 3 or 4 months at £5 a refill. You can cancel or reschedule this subscription at any time. (Prices corrrect at the time of writing this post).

How do you Insert A Wild Deodorant Refill?

I thought I would include this as I ended up googling it! To insert your Wild refill you need to:

First, you need to twist the base all the way to the bottom (twist left), then straighten.

Then press the buttons on both sides to release the base from the case and take it out.

Get your refill and take off the lid, gently squeeze it to loosen the deodorant from the sides. Then place the refill onto the raised section, there is an indentation on the refill that this should slot into.

Slide the base back into the case, making sure that the buttons click. Twist (to the right this time) to bring your deodorant content up to the top and voila!

Wild Deodorant Review and My Thoughts

I’ll be really, really honest here. I did not expect this deodorant to work at all. I expected to be sweaty and I expected to be smelly. I wanted it to work as I love the idea of plastic-free and natural ingredients, but I sweat quite a bit and I was sceptical as to how it would hold up.

I decided to take the Wild deodorant on holiday and test it during hot conditions, we were there during a heat wave with about 30-degree heat, so I gave it a really good test run and my husband who was intrigued also tried it on to see how he got on too. So this is from both of our perspectives.

I’m delighted and surprised to admit I was wrong. I would say I was a little sweatier than usual on the first few days, but this settled down pretty quickly as my body adjusted. The most important part is that I didn’t smell! I really expected to and was nervous on the days that I did a lot of walking in the heat, that it wasn’t going to work but it did. It did exactly the job it was supposed to and I am really pleased. My husband’s experience was the same and he was so impressed he went on to order his own.

In terms of how long the deodorant has lasted. My husband and I used it for two weeks and I have used it for another week since we have been home, so that’s 5 weeks of use and it’s still going. I can now see the indentation at the bottom so I think it is begining to come to the end, at a guess though I would say it has at least a week left (I will update this post when the time comes). The Wild website days 4-6 weeks, so I would say this is pretty accurate.

Cost, as with a lot of things you do to reduce plastic consumption there is an upfront cost. I don’t mind paying for a case to help the environment in the long term. Three of us use deodoratant in my house, so that’s a lot of plastic right there over the course of a year. But at £5 with the subscription, the refills are more expensive than the £2-3 you would probably pay for a high street version. For me, the cost is worth it for the lack of plastic and being able to use natural ingredients on my skin on a daily basis. I also do feel we all have a responsibility to the enivronment to make changes where we possibly can. But of course this really does depend on if you can afford it.


Wild deodorant was a real winner for me and I am a complete convert. Both my husband and I are using it on a daily basis now and I also plan to purchase one for my son too. My son started wearing a deodorant at 8, I was particularly uncomfortable at the idea of him using all the chemicals in standard deodorants at this age, so I am relieved to have found an alternative for him. I also love that we are going to say goodbye to another needless piece of single use plastic in our household.

Wild Natural Deodorant Review. I review Wild Deodorant in a heat wave on holiday in the summer to see if it's as good as alternatives.

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  1. Interesting! I have been wondering about these so if I can afford the extra cost in the future I will definitely try it after this review.

  2. I have just started using this product and like laura, I was unsure. I have a physical job so was concerned. Like laura, I am seriously impressed too.

  3. Hi. I have bin thinking about used g this. I know it says vegan but that is not the same as cruilty free. So is it ? Also is it sold in China???


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