Sleeping habits you need to start in your 30s

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Now your twenties (If done right) may be a blur of late nights and triple shot lattes, and actually… That’s ok. During this footloose and fancy-free decade, we can get away with less sleep as our physical needs and lifestyles are more flexible. Though come thirty, things start to change. Not only do we tend to have more responsibilities, from careers, homes, and children, our ability to enjoy a full, deep night’s rest decreases. This is due to our sleep cycles containing less deep, slow wave sleep. This falls at a rate of 2% per decade right up to our 60s, leading to increasing restlessness and more wakey-wakey moments long before the alarm. The good news is, there are some easy habits you can start developing to help get the rest you need. From a simple bedtime wind-down to replacing your dancing shoes with a Bamboo Hybrid Pillow. Here are the best sleeping tips to thrive in your thirties. 

1. Invest in Rest

By our thirties we’re working hard, and if there’s one place to make our money work harder it’s bedtime. You want to invest in making it as comfortable as possible. In our thirties we start to experience more aches and pains from sitting at desks all day and not doing enough yoga. (With what time?) Having the right pillow can help. Buy a bamboo hybrid pillow! Not only will it keep you in perfect spinal alignment, contouring to your unique sleeping position, bamboo is seriously soft and naturally hypoallergenic. Heaven for skin. Overheating is another big cause of restlessness. Natural fabrics like bamboo are thermo-regulating, keeping sleep cool, fresh and early nights all the more tempting. 

2. Wind down in style

Rushing from the desk, to drinks, to dinner, and still checking emails in bed? When it comes to sleep in your thirties, this is a recipe for disaster. It’s time to treat yourself to a relaxing wind-down routine that includes at least two hours of screen-free time before hitting the hay. Blue light can interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy. And as for all that rushing around, it will take you far longer to prepare your mind for a good night’s rest if your head is already thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list. Burn-out is becoming more common due to our demanding schedules. Learning to switch off is key to wellbeing in your thirties. Make downtime with a hot bath, good book or movie a priority. You will thank yourself.

3. Sip Slow

While it’s still ok to enjoy the occasional cocktail or good glass of wine, know that what you drink before bedtime can affect the quality of your sleep. Remember hot milk and two sugars before bed? Your Mum was onto something. Milk is a high-quality protein full of amino acids, this can help your body restore and replenish as you sleep. It also contains tryptophan which can stimulate the production of melatonin. Herbal teas such as chamomile and vanilla are other great bedtime drinks to help you relax and unwind. Make sure you stick to caffeine-free blends and most importantly, sip slow. A relaxing bedtime drink can provide the perfect opportunity to transition into that calm, peaceful state of mind to help you drift off easily. 

4. Stay consistent

Like all good habits, the best way to reap their benefits is to keep them consistent. Changing your sleeping habits can take time, it’s essential to figure out what works for you and is sustainable. Choose a time you know that you can get to bed that balances feeling you have done enough without sacrificing your wellbeing. Productivity does not always mean racing to the top, rest and rejuvenating your body and mind is vital in your thirties and good quality sleep is where the magic happens. A few weeks with a good bedtime routine and there will be no looking back, as when you sleep good, you feel good. And presides if Cinderella taught us anything… It’s that nothing good happens past midnight. 

Getting yourself set up for good sleep in your thirties starts with making bedtime super comfortable and making rest a priority. Looking to make a change? Take it one night at a time… Before you know it with these sleeping habits, there will be no stopping you!

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