5 Keys For Dressing Better

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It’s always nice to leave home knowing that you’re looking as fresh as possible. While there are many elements that’ll influence how good you look, there’s arguably no element as important as the clothes you’re wearing. If you have an awesome outfit on, then you’ll feel confident in your appearance and be ready to live life to the fullest. While some people naturally dress well, most of us need a little bit of help. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our useful tips below. You’ll find that you look fantastic each and every time.

Find Your Colours

Everyone has colours that suit them! But you’ll need to discover what these are. A simple way to do this is to try on as many different colours as possible and see what seems to work with your skin tone, eyes, and hair colour. You can also look at a colour palette if you don’t have confidence in your visual assessment. Once you know what colours look good on you, you should learn how to put colours together — and with that, you’ll be on your way towards looking your best.

Dress From The Ground Up

Most people think that the top that they’re wearing is the most important aspect of their outfit. But this isn’t really true — you make the outfit by dressing from the ground up. If your shoes and bottom-half clothing are on point, then you’ll be mostly there. You’d have to work hard to mess up the outfit! On the other hand, even the best top in the world won’t save you if you haven’t given any thought to the bottom part. Invest in some excellent shoes, shorts, skirts, trousers, and so forth, and you’ll find that dressing well is a breeze.

A Mix Of The Old and The New

Looking for a way to make waves with your outfits? Look at blending the old with the new. There are always new trends and styles coming into fashion, and it can most definitely be useful to have some of those items in your wardrobe. But equally, you won’t want everything in your wardrobe to be cutting edge. Sometimes, it’s good to incorporate some traditional touches into your outfits. Look at investing in some classic grandfather shirts, cardigans, a traditional raincoat, and other all-time classics, and you’ll turn heads for all the right reasons. There’s power in the oldies!

Buy Quality 

Often, it’s not the general style of the clothing that counts the most, but the quality of the piece. It’s much better to spend more money to obtain a high-quality piece rather than always sticking to the budget options. The slightly more expensive item will look better and ultimately be a financially smart decision since cheaper items tend to fall apart quickly anyway.

Push the Boat Out

Finally, look at being a bit bold when it comes to your outfits. There are plenty of areas of life where it can be useful to play things safe, but your sense of style isn’t one of them!

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