Top 5 Skills Kids Should Learn During Lockdown

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact, particularly on schooling. It’s not all that fantastic, with schools opting for online lessons and lockdowns limiting every child’s leisure activities with their buddies. 

Even if the lockdown has limited your child’s ability to play outside, they may still have a great time by improving their aptitude and motor skills! 

Parents must participate actively in such activities to develop a bond with their children. Parents’ undivided attention to their children should be fully utilised. 

Even after lockdown, you and your children will continue to learn new skills, but these memories will be treasured forever, which is something to be grateful for.


There are a variety of indoor activities for kids that combine teaching and having fun. During the lockdown, you may utilise specific platforms or activities that teach your youngster interesting abilities. New kid-friendly technologies using  online video editor, include templates, a music library, filters, transitions, and much more. 

It’s difficult to handle everything at once as a parent. Children may have a little more free time now that we’re under lockdown. 

Therefore, this is an excellent time to begin learning new skills that children can acquire during the lockdown. Five such interesting skills are listed below:


During a lockdown, you could teach youngsters how to bake as an indoor pastime. While banana cakes have been trending on social media, you might start with something less time-consuming. Baking offers many intriguing advantages, like improving reading abilities, improving maths skills, fine-tuning motor skills, and better comprehending scientific ideas. When a youngster learns to bake, he or she is also acquiring a life skill that will come in handy in the future. By teaching your youngster the fundamentals of baking, you will be assisting them in better comprehending topics.           


Making videos is now easier than it has ever been. The majority of individuals now have access to video editors because of advances in technology such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Choose a theme, a topic, or a tale and have the kids make it. Then go in and edit your masterpiece using video editor or online video editor tools that allow users to convert their ideas into real-time films.

You may get everyone to share their videos when you’ve completed them! If you’re still in school, you may do this on your home TV, computer, or in the classroom.                                        


Many children are born with creative abilities, but these abilities should also be cultivated and honed via immersion. If you’ve tried quilling or constructing origami hearts for special occasion cards, training the youngsters to draw or paint could be the next step. Teach children what a pencil and a paintbrush can accomplish to feed their creativity. You’ll probably be shocked at how quickly they pick things up!

There are several advantages to drawing. It can aid in the development of fine motor skills while also serving as a great mindfulness tool. Drawing encourages children to be present at the moment and concentrate on the present, which might improve their well-being.

Learn to play an instrument                                              

Learning to play an instrument is one of the finest abilities for children to acquire and master at a young age. Learning an instrument has several advantages, including improved memory and motor abilities, practice with hand-eye coordination, maths, fine-tuning of auditory skills, reading, and understanding.

It also improves body posture and promotes a healthy form of physical exercise that utilises both your hands and legs equally. In terms of mental benefits, learning a musical instrument improves focus, brings a rhythm to the coordination required, and aids in the understanding of time management. You’d be shocked to learn that it’s also therapeutic and has a significant impact on a child’s mental health. It will also assist them in better expressing themselves in social situations.


Storytelling is a fascinating and thrilling ability to have. It is something that children relate to the most because we read them a lot of stories ourselves. Storytelling is already regarded as a very relevant talent for children; therefore, they will be eager to learn and practice it. Storytelling is a good place to start if you have a lot of time during the lockdown to teach your kids new skills. Storytelling improves communication skills, improves a child’s public speaking ability, and allows them to be more creative and expressive. You’d be astonished at how well they can narrate some truly engaging twisting plots and characters, all the while maintaining a particular story.

Please take your time

Begin with shorter learning sessions and gradually lengthen them. If you want to do a 30- or 45-minute activity, start with 10 minutes and work your way up. Combine online or screen time with offline activities or activities within the same session.


Learning a new skill is a fun way for both kids and adults to pass the time. It’s an opportunity for them to develop, gain new skills, and become a well-rounded individual.

Try to use a platform that includes age-appropriate programs that may be viewed online, on television, or over the radio while teaching these skills. Consider playtime and reading time as well. Turn daily activities into opportunities for your children to learn. Don’t forget to make these arrangements jointly, if at all feasible.     

Although it is vital to develop skills and routines for children and young people, you may realise that your children require some flexibility during these times.  Modify your routine accordingly. Switch to a more active choice if your youngster appears restless and irritated when you’re attempting to follow an online learning program with them.        

Bonus tip:

Whatever it is that keeps you and the kids confined inside for longer than usual will pass, and you’ll be back to missing your little munchkins while they’re at school. While the longer your time together lasts, make the most of it!

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