Spring Hair Tips and Tricks

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The days are growing longer, and there is a ray of brightness in the sky; the breeze is less chilly, and Easter eggs are piling up on store shelves. Yes, spring has arrived! Why not shake off the winter blues by putting your tresses in order, given that it’s the season for all things new? 

Winter may be done, but the harm caused by dry air and freezing temperatures endure. Spring and summer bring a wonderful change in weather, but if you’re not prepared, climate change can do even more harm to your hair.

Hair is damaged in diverse ways by humidity, heat, and pool water. Don’t put it off any longer; start caring for your hair now. It is unquestionably required. Get ready for the new season by choosing clip in hair extensions to give your hard added instant length and volume.

1. Take Care of Your Scalp

Hair growth begins with a strong scalp, so treat it well if you want to refresh your locks. At the very least, buildup dulls hair over time, however, it clogs hair follicles, causing hair thinning or even hair loss.

To remove any buildup, use a scalp scrape or brush, and wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a month – any more than that will deplete it of its natural oils.

2. Your Hair Should Be Hydrated

It is indeed likely that your hair is suffering by now if you haven’t been following our winter hair care guidelines and applying deep conditioning treatments throughout the last several months. 

If your hair is dry and brittle, add moisture to it on a daily basis. In between washes, apply a mild oil or cream from the mid-lengths to the tips, and perhaps get that conditioning treatment now? 

When you do wash your hair, avoid using heated styling equipment; if you can let your hair air dry, do so. If you must use the hairdryer, lower the setting and apply a heat protectant first. 

3. Make a Color Change

If you want to match a sun-kissed complexion, the spring and summer months are ideal for experimenting with lighter hair colours or highlights. If you’re having trouble deciding on the ideal shade for you, talk to your stylist about the hair colour trends we’re seeing this year. 

If you want to try something new, it’s critical that you pick the proper colour for your skin tone. When it comes to major colour changes, it’s best not to go it alone, so make an appointment with your hairdresser before reaching for the bottle.

4. Snip is a good place to start

Winter is now gone, and what better way to celebrate than with a much-needed trim? Start the season off by bidding farewell to those frayed ends. Just a little haircut can make you feel rejuvenated and ready to face the challenges ahead

5. Defeat the Frizz

Although the heat and humidity are nice, they always bring with them a little frizz. But don’t be satisfied with the texture. Look for mousses that contain polymers or copolymers when choosing your mousse. This type of chemical protects your hair while also combating dampness. You’ll be one step ahead of the heat if you read the labels! 

6. Get Rid of the Chlorine

It’s about that time of year again! Parties and lazy pool days are on the way, which means the harsh chemicals used in chlorine pools are too. Don’t skip out on a game of water volleyball; simply wash your hair with clarifying shampoo afterwards and you’ll be fine. Those chemicals won’t stand a chance if you clean them thoroughly.

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