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Aqua Perfecta PerfectAir Sense Air Purifier Review

It’s always good when blog work intersects with real-life and being sent the Aqua Perfecta PerfectAir Sense to review is a great example.  The Perfect Air Sense is a device to both filter and humidify the air within a domestic house and so it’s just the thing for us right now.

We’re in the middle of a massive DIY project.  For whatever reason, the previous occupants of our house covered every wall with lining paper.  That’s all looking a bit tired now and so we’re stripping it off and having our downstairs plastered.

As well as being a big job, it’s created tons of dusty plaster in the air and I can feel it making my asthma grumble.  So it’s fair to say our air is dry, smelly, and full of dust at the moment. The PerfectAir Sense is sorting this out a treat as it both cleans and humidifies the air. 

How Does the Aqua Perfecta PerfectAir Sense Work?

The cleaning is done by an impressive set of filters, one which is activated charcoal and another which is an industry-standard HEPA filter.  A fan in the unit draws air in and the filters catch any particulates floating around.  

In addition to particle-based pollutants, there are a number of features, such as photocatalysts and UV lights to deal with bacteria-based air problems.  The final purification stage is an ioniser which removes charged particles from the air.

As well as cleaning the air there is a humidifying function that adds moisture content into the air.  With my engineer hat on, I can’t tell you how important this is.  If the air is too dry people will get scratchy throats and breathing issues.  If it’s too moist there will be infections all around.

What’s cool here is that there is a little sensor built into the side of the machine that’s measuring humidity, temperature, and particulate levels, so you can switch the machine to automatic and it’ll monitor air quality and switch on when it needs to.  Right now, ours is sitting dormant showing an ambient green light to indicate our air quality is excellent.

How easy is it to set up the Aqua Perfecta PerfectAir Sense?

Really easy actually.  The manual that comes with the unit is exceptionally clear and straightforward.  The PerfectAir Sense itself is also very well put together and simple to set up.  You take the filters out of their packaging, fill the water tank, click it all back together and switch it on.

I was particularly impressed with the clarity of the manual and how well it explained the function of the unit in a fuss-free, easy to digest way.  

All in all,  a combination of a unit that comes apart easily with a satisfying ‘click’, logical construction, and a great manual mean this is a simple and satisfying device to use.  The final task, filling up the water reservoir completes the job and we’re ready to go.

In terms of day-to-day operation, we just kept it set to ‘auto’.  The PerfectAir Sense monitors the air quality and when it detects a drop it springs into operation.

I liked that there was an easy visual clue for air status on the unit itself with the glow you see in the top area of the unit.  It’s nice because it’s very easy to read from a distance. The unit also comes with a handy and easy to use remote control.

There is also a highly detailed digital readout on the top of the unit but, so far, we’ve just kept it on auto and checked the colour.  The touch display allows setting of timed and sleep modes as well as access to a manual mode.

Thankfully there is also a child lock to stop younger folks ‘helping’ with the purifier settings.

Why Would you Need an Aqua Perfecta PerfectAir Sense?

So, why would you use this?  It’s simple if you have breathing problems, it makes the air better, which helps you breathe more easily.  As there are 3 of us with asthma in the house that alone is worthwhile.

We noticed a definite increase in air quality after turning the unit on which was welcome as I had found breathing getting tougher after the DIY I had done over previous days.

I’m also looking forward to having the PerfectAir sense running during summer. The HEPA filter will work like a charm on pollen, which we have more than our fair share of.  Usually, the summer months are a steady diet of antihistamines and Ventolin.  I expect things to be much improved next year.

If I had to pick something I don’t like, it’s the colour.  The PerfectAir Sense can purify 450 cubic metres per hour and so it has a big old fan and big filters, the unit itself is pretty big.  It comes in a glossy white and while it does look stylish, I would prefer it in a more unobtrusive matt charcoal. But that’s just personal preference and it’s really not the end of the world.

Aqua Perfecta PerfectAir Sense the Final Verdict

So what’s the final verdict on the PerfectAir Sense? I like it.  It’s a powerful unit and more than that it’s got a ton of filters.

Most of these type units will have HEPA filtration but the activated charcoal is a bonus.  I also liked the UV functions.  Do I know if it will work against COVID-19?  No, of course, I don’t.  It might but I am no biologist so I don’t know.  Will reducing biological toxins in the air help reduce winter colds and nasties?  Yes, sure it will.

The bottom line is that after a day stripping wallpaper yesterday, right now I should be tired and super wheezy.  I feel fine and I am breathing easily and for me, that tells me the Perfect Air Sense is doing a great job. I really look forward to trying it in the summer when the pollen is high too.

Aqua Perfecta PerfectAir Sense Air Purifier Review. A powerful unit with tons of filters, that reduces biological toxins in the air as well as allergens and humidifies the air. I have already noticed a difference in my asthma after a day of DIY.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for the review. I have been looking at these and hoped you could give me an idea of the running costs, if the filters are easy to find for replacement and how (if you still have it) it has performed since your comprehensive review.


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