5 Ideas to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom

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Modern interior of the child's bedroom

Childhood bedrooms are precious spaces where lifelong memories are born, and imaginations run wild. Later, that childhood haven will become a teenage sanctuary, home to too-loud music, slammed doors and temper tantrums. 

Then one day, when our once-little ones are no longer so little and are leaving home, their bedrooms may be redecorated and transformed into a study or spare bedroom or preserved.

1. Repaint 

Ah yes – every refurbishment begins with a fresh coat of paint. And though it’s often the most painstaking part of the job, it also brings life and colour into any room, which is perfect for a child’s bedroom. 

How you choose your colours depends on your tastes and theirs, but consider the long-term – if you aren’t eager to paint again in a hurry, maybe avoid luminous pinks that your little girl will grow out of before long. 

If you’d prefer to keep it neutral but want to liven up the walls of your child’s bedroom a little, Wall Pop! sell easily removable wall stickers for easy decorations. 

2. Doors 

New doors are an investment and one which will also add a brightening touch to the whole room. A simple but sturdy design will suit perfectly – Oakwood Doors allow you to buy online, and if you know what you’re doing, you can even fit them yourself! 

Just make sure they’re slam-proof, and watch out for those ‘Keep Out’ stickers that may appear during teenage years, as these can be difficult to remove. 

3. Storage 

Children simply accumulate stuff. Endless quantities of it, piling up everywhere. Though much of it will never be used, you’ll still need somewhere to store it – even if the extent of that storage is chucking it in a drawer, where likely your little one will forget about it. 

Nifty storage solutions such as benches with hidden compartments are fun and trendy at the same time, whilst boxes and chests of drawers are equally effective and can be compact for space-saving. 

4. Bookshelves 

Encouraging children to read is difficult, but the presence of books around the house (and in their bedroom particularly) will never hurt.

And even if your child isn’t a book lover, they’ll still be able to find plenty of use in bookshelves, which are a good place to display collectables, photos and any other beloved trinkets, along with untouched school textbooks and neglected required reading of course.  

5. Lighting 

Good lighting can provide the final flourish to any room, and your child’s bedroom is no exception. 

You could keep it simple with a decorative lampshade and a charming bedside lamp for late nights. Alternatively, ambient lighting, such as nightlights and fairy lights, is a pleasant way to create a calming and fun atmosphere. 

These are just five simple ideas for decorating your child’s bedroom. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or simply want to surprise them with some new additions to their space, we hope these tips provide a little inspiration.

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