How to Help Your New Cat Settle In

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Cats are temperamental creatures, we have to earn their love, and providing them with a safe, comfortable home is a great place to start.

And whether you’re introducing a kitten, or an older cat, there are things you must consider when bringing your moggie home. 

If you’re preparing to adopt a new feline friend, here are some suggestions to help you get your place pet perfect before bringing home a new arrival. 

Clear Out the Hazards

Many of us bring plant life into our homes.

However, certain foliage is hazardous to our feline friends. One of the most dangerous to cats are lilies, however, these flowers aren’t the only ones you should be aware of. Cats Protection have compiled this handy guide to make sure you’re able to clear away potential pet poisons. 

Places to Hide

Your new cat is going to be nervous when you first bring them home, it’s understandable! You want to make sure that you provide your kitty with plenty of places to hide while they get used to their new home. 

Cats like to feel secure and often camp out under beds and in wardrobes. Satisfy these in-built evolutionary urges by leaving a few empty cardboard boxes around while they settle in – just remember to check for any sneaky staples or other hazards. 

Calm and Comfortable 

Equally as important as having places for your cat to hide, is making sure that these places are comfortable. Blankets and covered cat beds are a great way to let the new addition your family feel safe and secure in their new home! 

If your moggie is of a particularly nervous disposition, then consider a Feliway diffuser to help keep your feline calm. Install it before your cat’s arrival to promote a chilled environment from day one. 

Make Your Home Escape Proof

Regardless of whether you intend your cat to be an indoor or outdoor cat, you’re going to want to make sure your house is secure while your new pet settles in.

Your new cat will be jumpy when it arrives, and its instinct will be to escape. However, as it will be experiencing an unfamiliar territory for the first time, you’ll want to let it get used to its indoor surroundings first. 

Be Aware of Allergies 

Just like us, our cats can develop allergies too. While experts like Avacta Animal Health are dedicated to the research of feline allergies, it’s something a lot of cat owners are unfamiliar with. 

Avacta work tirelessly to ensure that our feline friends are allergy-free, and they’re more than happy to provide information on possible triggers for common pet allergens. 

Let Your Cat Come to You

We understand the urge to play with your new pet, but cats are often more aloof than dogs, and they like to feel in control of the situation.

When you’re trying to settle your cat into their new home, it’s wise to let them come to you so that they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Have you bought a new cat into your home? Tell us about your favourite felines in the comments below!

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