Cheeky Monsters Pre-school Books and Soft Toys for Your Child’s Imagination

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Books, books, glorious books. I am firmly in the camp that you can never have too many. Even more so for children. Children should be surrounded by books and I think the greatest gift I can give my children is a love of books. Today I want to introduce the Cheeky Monsters, a new collection of pre-school books and cuddly toys all about creative play and the great outdoors. Perfect for the summer.

We were sent Glitter the Disco Dancer cuddly toy and book. The cuddly toy is absolutely gorgeous and Bo’s eyes lit up when he saw it. He also loved the story, all about Glitter who stumbles through a wardrobe straight into his own fashion studio, which is rather cool and, quite frankly, I wanted to go too.

The story celebrates imagination and fun. The Cheeky Monsters are imaginary friends that come out to play with you. A phrase in the book that stuck with me was:

“I’ve got these Cheeky Monster friends, who love to hide away, but if I’m ever feeling sad… look who comes to play!”

After a very difficult 18 months for children as well as adults, I think this is a lovely message. About finding your imagination and creative ways for children to look after their mental health, with games and stories.

The story shows how items as simple as the clothes hanging in your wardrobe, can be made into something fun and fabulous; that if you let your imagination run, the possibilities are endless. If you’re feeling blue, dress up, go and find somewhere to play, and find your own adventures.

Bo loved the story and giggled at Glitter and adored the soft toy, he wanted to take Glitter on their own adventures and, of course, to bed with him. I really liked the gender neutrality of the books, the simple and fun adventure. The illustrations and the colour and vibrancy of the stories are joyful. I can definitely see this becoming a bedtime favourite.

This collection of books all have different characters and accompanying soft toys. There’s a scientist, road racer, superstar, dancer, singer and explorer and they all convey fantastic messages to children. There are also free downloadable activities available on their website. You can also find out more about the Cheeky Monsters on their YouTube channel. We will definitely be adding more to our bookshelves.

Cheeky Monsters’ Challenge

The Cheeky Monsters also set us a challenge to bring the story to life using the Cheeky Monsters soft toys. So, when Bo’s sister was home last week, we had a go at recreating Glitter’s fashion show. Both of the children were allowed to visit by wardrobe and chose one of my beloved dresses (!!) to try on and have fun with. I think Bo’s face says it all! Can you have a try at the #CheekyMonstersChallenge this summer?

Where to Buy

You can now purchase your own Cheeky Monsters soft cuddly toy, book or both as a set on their shop.

Cheeky Monsters Pre-School Books And Soft Toys For Your Child's Imagination. A gorgeous selection of books and soft toys about encouraging imaginary play

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