JCC Advanced Lighting

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JCC are pioneers in cutting edge LED lighting technology, offering Integrated Downlights, Non-Integrated Downlights, Luminaires, Floodlights, and Accessories. The brand provides the latest LED technology for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. JCC aim to tackle ever-increasing energy costs and the worldwide need to reduce CO2 consumption. You can rest assured the perfect lighting solutions are here for you at LED Bulbs.

The first benefit of the JCC range of products is that the Bulkheads, Floodlights, and Integrated Downlights have long life expectancies. The Floodlights come in a range of different lumens outputs, from 1000 to 17500. They all output Neutral White light colour and have life expectancies from 47,000 to 54,000 hours. The Bulkheads have life expectancies up to 60,000 hours, and lumens outputs from 760 to 2160. The Fire Rated Triac Integrated Downlights have life expectancies up to 51,000 hours, with Light colours of Warm White to Cool White. 

A second benefit of the JCC products range is the choice of Outdoor Lighting. You can choose from Lanterns, Floodlights and PIR Security Lights. The Lanterns can be used in Zones 2 and 3, as they have Integrated LED technology. They are IP44 rated, and output Neutral White light colour. The PIR units are IP44 rated, available in colour finishes of Black and White. They are compatible with LED Halogens, and have a manual override feature. They are particularly useful to stop intruders on the front doorstep of your home. The Floodlights are IP65 rated, and output Neutral White light colour. They have angled brackets which allow for easy installation.

A third benefit of the JCC Lighting products range is the choice of integrated and non-integrated downlights. You can choose from Fire-Rated downlights, recessed downlights, and unlamped downlights. The Fire-Rated downlights and recessed downlights can be used in Zones 1, 2 and 3. They are IP20 and IP65 rated, with light colours ranging from Warm White, Cool White and Neutral White. The non-integrated downlights are unlamped, with the GU10 bulbs sols separately. The IP20 rated Fireguard unlamped downlights can be used in Zones 2 and 3. On the other hand, the IP65 rated Fireguard unlamped downlights are used in Zones 1, 2 and 3. You can choose from colour finishes of Brushed Nickle, Chrome, and White. The advantage of the non-integrated ones is that you can pick your desired light colour, as long as the bulb is GU10. Both types of downlights have been tested for use in fire-rated ceilings.

A fourth benefit of the JCC products range is the choice of bezels. The bezels are the solid rings that fit around the downlights, and sit flush against the ceiling for a seamless finish. You have a variety of colour finishes from Black, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Brass, Chrome and White. In all, the JCC lighting range gives you innovative solutions to enrich your homes, increase productivity in your office, and enhance safety in your environment.

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