5 Books to Help with Potty Training

5 Books to Help with Potty Training

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I have just finished potty training Bo, he is my third child to potty train and my last. Which is a relief as I find it quite an exhausting and messy process. One of the things I would highly recommend to anyone about to start potty training with their child is to get a couple of books to help them. Books are a great way of explaining and showing things to young children and comprehend things away they wouldn’t if you were to just explain things to them.

Pirate Pete Potty / Princess Polly Potty

A classic toddler potty training book that has been around since my oldest was small. It pictures the process for potty training and has a musical button to press and chair a potty win!

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Bing – All Aboard the Toilet Train

The Bing book is a great one for children who are ready to transition from the potty to the toilet. As it talks about no longer needing a potty and moving to using a little seat on the toilet. It also has a button to press for a song, which was a real winner for us.

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Hey Duggee The Potty Badge

What toddler does not love Hey Duggee? We went through a stage where Bo used to watch it back to back. Getting books with your child’s favourite character in the book is a great way to help them with potty training and of course, get their potty badge.

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No More Nappies

This book was the Gold Winner of the Junior Design Awards Best Baby Books 0-2 Years. An interactive book with fun flaps for children to play with, as well as tips on potty training included for parents and carers.

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Potty Superstar

A book about moving on from your nappy in order to have fun. As well as tips on hand washing, accidents and of course potties.

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Potty Training Reward Chart

Finally, the last thing I would recommend to any parent starting potty training is a reward chart. We had stickers for pee, more fancy stickers for poops and then a prize for a good week (think magazine, stickers) and then when all of my children fully transitioned from nappies to potty they could choose a toy they really wanted which would be their reward when they finished.

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5 Books to Help with Potty Training. From experience books really help with potty training. Here are 5 books to help your little one with potty training. As well as from potty to toilet.

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