Prosthodontists vs General Dentists

Who doesn’t want sparkling, white and healthy teeth? You must visit your dentist’s office at least twice a year to maintain good oral health. The majority of teeth issues can be solved with rigorous brushing and flossing, while some require dental implants.

If you end up needing an implant, well-known Dr. Goetz advises you to get it as soon as possible. Any delay on your part may end up causing more trouble than it’s worth.

If you require a dental implant, you may need to decide if a general dentist will suffice or a prosthodontist will do. This article seeks to provide sufficient information to help you make a meaningful choice.

What does a General Dentist do?

Before you learn about Prosthodontists, you must understand what your local dentist can do. 

General dentists have a diverse set of skills. They can provide you with all the services required to maintain your oral health. It depends on them whether they feel comfortable doing complicated procedures or surgeries. If not, they can outsource them to a specialist. A general dentist is fully qualified and certified to look after your teeth and prescribe your medication (if any). If they give you advice regarding your oral healthcare, it may be in your best interest to follow it.

When you go to a dentist for a dental checkup, you will most likely see a general dentist. At least, all professional dentists have a degree in Dental Surgery, colloquially called DDS. They cannot begin to practice their profession in the UK without certification, ensuring that your dentist is a qualified person.

General dentists like DentalBe usually spend their days working with assistants, technicians, hygienists, and other personnel specialising in the dental field. They can offer you many services, including;

  • Annual or biannual routine dental checkups
  • Preventive measures implementation against certain oral or dental diseases
  • Diagnoses and treatment of the usual conditions affecting teeth, jaw, and gums
  • Conducting recurring tests, like X-rays
  • Standard cosmetic or surgical procedures on teeth, mouth, jaw, gums, and face

What is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is derived from the Greek terms ‘prostho’, meaning replacement, and ‘dontist’, meaning relating to teeth. Prosthodontists are healthcare professionals that specialise in the restoration of natural teeth. They can use surgical procedures to replace faulty dental bones and tissues with synthetic materials.

Prosthodontists provide targeted oral healthcare. They run special diagnostics and treatments for conditions that were not treated in the early stages. That’s why they have more stringent qualifying requirements and three additional years of training than general dentists. Their understanding of the dental aspects is highly extensive. They specialise in technical and surgical procedures designed for severe dental conditions affecting the oral cavity and maxillofacial region.

A prosthodontist can offer you many services, including;

  • Jaw surgery for TMD
  • Treatment and replacement of damaged or missing teeth
  • Placement of partial dental implants
  • Placement of permanent dental implants
  • Diagnoses and treatment of specific conditions, like sleep apnea and bruxism 

Who is the Best for Dental Implant Services?

Depending upon the kind of dental implants you want, any qualified dental professional can perform the procedure. However, general dentists are better to handle implants that restore and enhance the basic functions of the teeth. They can also adequately perform partial reconstruction of a chipped tooth and install a crown to halt the decay.

In most cases, dental implant services are delegated to qualified prosthodontists. They can correct a number of chronic dental problems with prosthetic solutions.

There is a small but enough difference between general dentists and prosthodontists that they do not often cross paths. However, more dental clinics are providing increasingly comprehensive dental services under one roof. It means you need not seek out a specialist for your cosmetic, prosthetic, or periodontal requirements.

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