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My Vasectomy - One Year On

My Vasectomy – One Year On

It’s now one year since I had a vasectomy and I wanted to share how the last year has been for me and my thoughts so far.  My reasoning for getting the vasectomy was simple, I wanted a reliable method of contraception that did not involve me or my partner having any kind of change in our body chemistry.  After what my wife went through to give birth to our children a small surgery seemed like something I could do pretty easily.

The surgery itself was relatively painless.  I was pretty careful with my recovery making use of ice packs and much tighter underwear than would normally be my thing.  Again though, it was all pretty straight forward.  I did what the doctor said, was careful when he said to be and it all went as expected.

There was a small fly in the ointment in that the follow-up sample you have to provide to confirm the operation was successful got delayed as the clinic closed due to the pandemic.  So I had to wait a few more months longer. But, that’s all done and dusted now and I’m a confirmed jaffa!

When I have written about this previously there have been various dire warnings from loss of sexual appetite or sensitivity to pain and that has not been my experience at all.  I do not wish to demean people who have had that experience but I did not.  I honestly don’t think about it from one day to the next and indeed had largely forgotten I’d had it until this article was suggested.

I’d go so far as saying the vasectomy was the least problematic surgery I have had in my life.  If you’re done having kids and you’d like a permanent solution to contraception I’d really recommend it.  Yes, any surgery in that area is going to throw up a bunch of feelings but when I considered those logically there was no good reason not to get the surgery done. I’m happy I did so and it’s worked out well for me and my family.

If you have any comments about the procedure and recovery, leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply.

My Vasectomy a year on. A year after the operation I have experienced no side effects and often forget it even happened. I would definitely recommend it as a long term solution to contraception.

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