Stay Safe on the Roads: Car Care Tips!

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Stay Safe on the Roads: Car Care Tips!

No one wants to have a road accident, but they do happen. Are there steps that we can take to ensure that we – and other road users – are a little bit safer when we are on the road? Yes, there are several things that we can do! Let us take a look.

Obey the Rules of the Road

When it comes to being safe, making sure that you are safe to drive: well-rested, with no impairing medications or alcohol in your system – is essential. Once on the road, you should always drive defensively, which means being alert to the possibility that another driver might get into difficulties, or that a child might run into the road in front of you. Driving at the speed limit can save lives, even if a collision is unavoidable – hitting someone at 30 miles per hour is 80% survivable, whereas hitting them while going just five miles per hour faster is only 20% survivable.

Embrace Technological Assistance

No matter how good a driver you are, a computer can probably do it better! Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have been in development since 1948 when cruise control and adaptive braking technologies were introduced. Today, ADAS covers a comprehensive range of tasks, all geared towards helping you be a better, safer driver. These include lane assist and departure warnings, adaptive headlights that automatically dim and brighten, various autonomous braking features, and even night vision cameras to make reversing and parking easier at night. ADAS is like having a driving buddy watching out for you and Jet Wheel Tyre can also help you get ADAS calibration for your car at a good price, to make sure all your systems are in good working order.

Don’t Skip the Service

Finally, make sure that you get your vehicle serviced regularly. As well as updating and calibrating all the automatic and electronic systems (such as ADAS), your car will be checked from tyres to bonnet, to make sure that everything is in good working order. Even the most efficient braking assistance cannot help if a tyre is worn below legal limits!

These three tips will help to minimise the human error that is most commonly responsible for road accidents, keeping you and your loved ones safe and sound on the roads.

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