Every Woman’s Essential Accessories

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Every Woman's Essential Accessories

I’m a big fan on accessories, they can make an outfit and pull it all together. Every wardrobe needs a flew classic accessories in it, the ones I would class as essential.

Good Pair of Sunglasses

Don’t go cheap when it comes to your sunglasses, you want good quality in order to get the UV protection for your eyes. Great quality lenses make a different to your vision and if you can upgrade to polaroids even better. Have a look at Supreme Five for some great features on glasses.

Elegant Handbag

I’m a big lover of handbags and personally think the more the better. But if you only have one in your wardrobe, go for a classic black or tan leather that will go with any outfit.

Comfy Pair of Boots

Buy a good quality pair of boots and they will last you years. They need to be comfy, the kind of boots you can put on for a day’s shopping and not worry about your feet getting sore. As well as stylish. You will want them to look great with both jeans and dresses and they will become a wardrobe staple.

Simple Gold or Silver Hoop Earrings

For simple, unadulterated style, the simplest of women’s jewellery has to be the hoop. The size can depend on your individual look, as can whether you want them in gold, silver or even rose gold. If you have multiple piercings wear them in different sizes. Every woman needs a pair of hoops.

Gorgeous Scarf

Whether it’s silk or gorgeous and soft to snuggle up in away from the winter chill a scarf is a must-have. Get one that will complement your coat or jacket, or invest in several so you can change up your look simply with great impact. I love a bright and bold scarf and it always, always have to be soft.

What are your must-have accessories?

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