Any Junk – Rubbish Removal Review

*Advertisement Feature – we were gifted a skip for the purpose of this review

Any Junk Skip Review - pictures of a blue and yellow skip sitting on a drive

I don’t know about you, but lockdown has been a great time in our house for projects. Things in the garden that we have promising to do for ages. but never quite got around to because something more important or fun took up our time instead.

It will certainly be one of my positives of the time. The work we have done in the garden. Transforming an area into a children’s area with a playhouse and mud kitchen. Ripping out our old decking and having a new patio built and generally transforming the garden into a nice haven for us all to escape.

Rubbish Clearance

The biggest problem, however, has been getting rid of the rubbish. For a long time in lockdown our local recycling centre was closed so we just had a pile growing in the garden. Even now, it’s limited with certain slots per week which you have to book in advance. In the end, we also created such a lot of rubbish that it would have taken several trips which would have ended up being quite tricky.

Which meant it was really great timing when we were contacted by Any Junk are a waste removal service and have loads of different options depending on the waste that you have.

Any Junk Review

If you have waste to get rid of, then Any Junk offer the following services:

  • Man & van rubbish clearance
  • Skip hire
  • Hippo bag collection
  • Furniture disposal
  • Bulky waste collection

The big thing I really like about Any Junk is that they’re sustainable and they recycle 96% of your rubbish, which is pretty cool. I’m glad that the contents of my skip won’t just end up in landfill, especially as lot of it is garden waste which is easily recyclable.

Any Junk Waste Removal Review. Picture of a blue and yellow skip, full of waste being lifted by a large blue lorry.

Any Junk Skip Review

We had quite a lot of waste to get rid of in the end. So we decided on a Skip. There a 4 different sizes of Skip and on the Any Junk website they have very handily put photos of the type of content you could fit into them, helping me to decide what we needed for the volume of rubbish that we had.

The one you can see here we have used is classed as a X-large skip and is 8 cubic yards. Before ordering your skip, you will need to check access and the the lorry can get there to deliver the skip. Also if you don’t have a drive and need to place it on the road you may need to get permission from your local authority.

The skip was placed on our drive with no problems at all, plus the children found it rather exciting. There is no time limit for how long you keep the skip, I guess how long you need it for will depend on the scope of work you are doing. We kept it for two weeks. When we were finished I called customer services and they arranged for someone to come and collect it the next day. My only slight constructive criticism is that someone said they would call me to let me know when it would be collected, but they didn’t. But it didn’t really matter as you don’t need to be in for the collection at all, and collection was very prompt.


Overall, I had a very positive experience with Any Junk Rubbish Removal. It was great not to have to worry about doing multiple trips to the dump, which is what we would have needed to do and with the current restrictions, probably over the course of several weeks. But also that 96% of our waste will be recycled. I would have hated the idea of all of that waste going to landfill. I think with restrictions probably going to be in place for a while, so it’s a fab option for people doing projects in their house or garden. If you haven’t got lots of waste, the Hippo bags are a good option rather than a skip too.

Any Junk Review. A rubbish removal service that recycles 96% of your waste. We were really pleased with their service.

9 thoughts on “Any Junk – Rubbish Removal Review”

  1. Cool, I don’t have that much stuff here. But like you, I’ve been working on a lot of projects too. I started making candles and gardening– loving this part of quarantine.

  2. Ooh what a really cool service. I’ll definitely have to check AnyJunk out. Could be useful in the future!

  3. BEWARE THIS COMPANY IS JUST BOOKING LOCAL SKIP COMPANIES IN YOUR AREA AND CHARGING YOU MORE FOR IT. I booked a skip from a local company 2 weeks previous to this company but when I went to hire again they couldn’t deliver untill the Tues so I was looking to see if I could get it on the Mon any junk said no problem then emailed saying sorry I couldn’t get it before Tues so I said OK and they were £15 cheaper so I stuck with them, only on the Tues my local company dropped off the skip I had ordered a 6yd I got a 4yd it worked out £40 more expensive than my local company I told any junk to collect and to add insult to injury they charged me twice I have been told I booked a 4yd skip and they even sent me a booking slip that said 4yd but the following morning I phoned and was told yes it was a 6yd skip I ordered and they were going to refund my money and get skip collected my local company collected the skip but still no refund

  4. Cool! While in quarantine, my wife and I also started repairs in our small house. We immediately took care of the company for the removal and recycling of waste and did not regret it! As you wrote, everything was done quickly and the garbage after the repair went not to the landfill, but was recycled. It is very cool that we can take care of the environment even in such cases.


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