CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW: Arabella and the Magic Pencil

*AD – please note we were gifted this book for the purpose of this review

Arabella and the Magic Pencil by Stephanie Ward

Illustrated by Shaney Hyde
Children’s Fiction
32 pages
EK Books
Age range: 4-8 Years

This Sunday, 31st May, is Brother and Sisters Day in the UK. Which is great timing to review the book Arabella and the Magic Pencil by Stephanie Ward. Arabella and the Magic Pencil is a really lovely story about the relationship between siblings.

Or, perhaps more specifically, having a younger sibling that’s annoying. This subject is probably one that my two older children can definitely identify, I actually think Arabella’s description of her brother as ‘he was a master of mayhem’ could equally be used to describe their younger brother Bo too. As well as ‘An expert of ear-splitting acoustics.’ They know just what it’s like to have a little brother come into their lives and turn it upside down. So this was definitely a book for them.

Arabella is a Princess and has pretty much everything she wants. Each year she can make one magical wish. But the one thing she didn’t wish for was a baby brother. I’m sure you can imagine the reaction to this new arrival. It’s all dealt with is a very light-hearted and entertaining way. But then one day Arabella does something very unkind…

It’s sweet take on sibling rivalry and the explaining the feelings children have when dealing with a naughty and frustrating younger brother or sister. It’s funny, but also gently educational and Aria who is the closest to her younger brother chuckled in all the right places. It takes you on the journey to understanding the annoyances, but realising you love your sibling anyway.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! Some of my favourite I have seen in a book in a long time. So pretty and colourful, I loved them and they complemented the story perfectly.


A beautiful book perfect for a child who is about to become a sibling, or one who sometimes struggles with a younger sibling’s behaviour. Move of my older two children loved it and told me it needed 5 stars!

Rating: 5/5

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Children's Book Review. Arabella and the Magic Pencil. A lovely and beautifully illustrated book that teaches about sibling rivalry and how to cope when you have a naughty younger sibling who drives you crazy

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  1. yes, big style we have had probblems with our young brother and sister, usually over who does what first, something as simple as passing the salt can turn into a war

  2. sometimes but its been worse since this virus lark started so ive had to separate them into different rooms during the day to stop them from arguing but i think most families will have a bit of that. i remember arguing with my siblings like cat and dog lol x

  3. Nope as my daughter is an only child! However when she sees her cousins they are very close and end up fighting like sisters

  4. Sometimes, thankfully they get on well most of the time but they do argue too. I don’t believe anyone who says their children never argue!

  5. I’ve had no rivalry with any of my kids but I bet my Mum would have loved this when my baby brother was born…oh I was a princess and I so DID NOT WANT a baby brother, lol.

  6. No not really…. I’ve only had to call UN peacekeeping forces out 6 times so far, I’m seriously thinking of adopting Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump when coronavirus is over as there’s be far less chance of World War 3 breaking out!

  7. Yes, it definitely has been, although being forced to spend so much time together over the past months has massively helped!

  8. My grandchildren get on really well together most of the time as long as they are getting lots of attention!


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