The Coronavirus Diaries – 14th April 2020

I have decided to write a weekly diary of our time through the Coronavirus pandemic. To keep for the future. It’s such an unprecedented time and full of so many mixed feelings and events we have never encountered before it is hard to process it all.

8th April

938 people died today. I remember watching Italy when the numbers were this high in disbelief and now we’re here too. It’s an awfully high number and an awful lot of people to die in one day in just one country from a single virus. Not only that but our Prime Minister has been admitted to intensive care with Covid-19. I’m not a Boris fan, but no-one deserves that especially with a new baby on the way.

It feels like so much is uncertain right now. They don’t even think we have reached our peak which is frightening. What are the numbers going to be at the end of this? I try not to think about that too much on a day to day basis, but it looms there are the back of my mind.

I saw a rumour on social media about schools going back after Easter and I was horrified. In my head I realistically thought it would probably be more like September. I’m not sure I would send them in even if they did open as those numbers keep on climbing. Aria is asthmatic and despite what people say children are still affected by this. But I think I am worrying about nothing as the Department of Education have tweeted an update to say there are no plans to re open schools at present. So that’s a relief.

13th April

We celebrated our Easter in lockdown. We ended up having a pretty nice time in the end. The weather was glorious. We started to sort out the garden, I am pretty terrible at it but I am determined to learn. The children played lots in the garden. I put some bubbles in their water table to make it a bit more fun. I was lucky to purchase Easter eggs online and the children’s grandparents posted some too. So they had a nice little surprise to wake up to on Sunday morning. Food is getting a little easier to get hold of now. Which meant we had plenty for a chicken roast dinner. We also raided the freezer for a barbecue on Saturday. It’s definitely focusing on these little things which is making life easier. Boris is also now out of hospital – nicely timed for symbolic meaning on Easter Sunday too!

We’re all trying to exercise more as a family, from online fitness classes, to zoom personal trainer and pilates classes. We did two sets of family exercise time over the bank holiday weekend which I really enjoyed.

The biggest thing is how much I miss the outside world. The deaths just keep rising we have gone over 10,000 now. What’s incomprehensible is that that figure doesn’t include any deaths in the community or care homes… yet.

I had to walk to our local shops today as we needed milk. It’s the third time I have been out since lockdown began. The walk in the sunshine was lovely. It was strange how quiet everything was, not many people out and no background noise of cars really at all. One of the things I noticed was that people’s home looked tidier and cleaner. Windows had been cleaned, cars washed and gardens tidied. Makes sense as people are more at home.

The local shop was a better experience than the supermarket. There was a limit of 5 people in the shop at one time. But it was fine and everyone was respectful of the 2m distance rule. The checkouts all had plastic barriers across which was a bit weird. But there was no one in masks or gloves like at the supermarket.

One of the things I will miss when this time is over is the slower place of life. Yes it is busy having the children home, having to juggle their needs work etc. But we’re not rushing here, there and everywhere for different things and shouting to get out the door for school shoes or swimming kits.

Tuesday 14th April

I had a video chat with some of my Mum friends today and it is there chat and support I am really missing in this lockdown. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is great, but it’s different. I so look forward to the day we can meet up in real life again and chat over dinner and cocktails.

I hate the uncertainty, it looks like as most of us are expecting lockdown is going to be extended this week. This week is now our 5th week in isolation as we started a week before everyone else. It’s the little things I miss, being able to just pop out, the chat with friends on the school run, seeing my family (of course), a trip to the park, a few hours childfree. But we are well and we have work and we have a nice home and garden. I must remember this, when many cannot say the same.

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