5 Essential Car Accessories

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5 Essential Car Accessories

We like to do a lot of travelling and holidays within the UK. Cornwall and Wales are two of our favourite destinations, as well as a family trip to Center Parcs.

We you travel a lot with children and spend a considerable amount of time in the car. So because of this, decent car accessories are important. Here are 5 of my essential car accessories, aside from decent car seats and high back boosters of course.

Dash Cam

As dash cam is currently on our need to buy list. We have a couple of friends who have found these invaluable recently to prove fault for another driver in an accident. Plus another who was able to prove someone had damaged their car ad driven off. So they are great for car safety and to lower your insurance claims.

Window Squegee

I have this thing, I really hate streaks on the windows. One of my car rules is no wiping the condensation off the windows with your hands! It’s got to be done properly. To this end, a squegee is perfect.

You can find good window squegees you can find online at WWW.AUTODOC.CO.UK.

Car Key Signal Blocker

If you have wireless car kets, then a car key signal blocker wallet or box is a must-have. Without a signal blocker, unfortunately thieves can lock into your car’s signal and unlock the car remotely to steal it. One of these wallets and you can store them on your car keyring blocks the signal and prevents this from happening.

Car Seat Organiser

These are perfect for organising all of the miscellaneous bits and pieces that children have to travel with. Travel games, tissues, baby wipes, a book or magazine, spare clothes, their favourite teddy. They can all be stored in one place without getting lost, messy or dirty on the car floor.

Portable DVD Screens

When Logan was a toddler we made the decision to drive to France. I think a few people thought we were probably crazy! But in preparation for this we invested in portable TV screens and a DVD player for our car. This lets the children watch a film during the drive, it certainly reduces the time we’re asked if we’re there yet and keeps the children quiet and entertained on the journey. So worth the money!

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