Ten Reasons Why Gender Equality is Great for Men Too

Ten Reasons Why Gender Equality is Great for Men Too

When people talk about gender equality, it is often thought of as a women’s issue. And it is. With the gender pay gap still sitting at 17.9% and 26% by retirement age it most definitely is. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a men’s issue too. There are a segment of people that seem to think that if women gain, then men will lose out, but that really isn’t the case.

Making the world a more even playing field will benefit men as much as it does women, all it needs is a mental shift. If we move away from things being men’s and women’s work and just look at things as just work. Work that needs to be completed, and shared you will perhaps looks at things differently. What if salaried work was shared, what if all childcare and domestic work was shared. What would it actually mean for the world?

The Benefits of Gender Equality for Men

Here are just ten ways that gender equality could benefit men as well as women:

  1. Flexible working hours for all
  2. More time to spend with your family
  3. Greater work / life balance
  4. Improved mental health
  5. Great economic stability for families
  6. More productive workplace
  7. Reduction in domestic violence
  8. Better opportunities for the next generation
  9. Break down of toxic masculinity, allowing people to be who they want to be
  10. Improved problem solving, creative thinking and profitability in the workplace

Why is Gender Equality Important?

If you talk to many working fathers, many of them long to spend more time their families. There is still a segment of fathers who leave for work before their children are awake and get home when they’re asleep. Wouldn’t it be a better world for men as well as children if this was different?

This doesn’t mean that businesses need to suffer. A recent study by Microsoft showed that moving people to a 4 day week actually made them 40% more productive. Let people work less and they will give you more.

Gender equality isn’t just a women’s issue, it’s an all gender issue. However, it needs men to be on board with it in order for true equality to be realised.

With suicide still be the leading cause of death in men under 40, it’s quite clear to see that the current world is not working for men, as much as it isn’t working for women. We need a seismic change when the balance of work, home life and child care is shared and enjoyed by all.

I have no problem with women that wish to stay home and be with their families while their partner works, that is absolutely their choice. But what I do want is for their to be a choice and not forced by circumstances.

Tell me again, why wouldn’t we want gender equality for men as well as women? Life is for living, not just for working, so let’s make the world a better for all genders by making it equal.

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