GUEST POST: Don’t get Ripped off this Black Friday

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GUEST POST: Don't get Ripped off this Black Friday

Black Friday – what is its significance for you, as an individual? This incredible day of hot deals means different things to different people. For some, it is a way to break the bank and get all your shopping done for an entire year within the timely confines of one day. For others, it is a holiday where they can order gifts for their loved ones. Then, there are those rare souls, who decide to skip the entire event altogether as it means fighting your way through hordes and hordes of thirsty, overzealous shoppers. 

Given the hype associated with this day- the question that arises in our minds is that is the effort of braving the malls and streets that day even truly worth it? Do you, as a consumer, receive authentic discounts? Keep in mind that there are discounts offered by the majority of shopping stores in the days leading up to Black Friday as well. Initially, it was just one day kicked off to entice consumers to stampede in and quench their passion for products. Now, it can extend up to a whole month. With sale period extensions, there is no more need for the average consumer to fight his way through a mob of hungry customers on a single day. Instead, he can go at his own time and take his leisurely pace when shopping. 

Still to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, here are a few tips to help you make sure that you do not get ripped off this Black Friday:

Know What You Want

My friend, this is NOT the time to browse around. You are on a mission. You must know what you are hunting for and go straight to that particular purchase. If you deter, all the big, bright sale signs will throw you off your scent and reel you in with their so-called attractive offers. 

So, how can this be avoided? Simple.

Have a think and draw up your list of desired items. Keep a sharp eye out for those specific product deals only and do not let yourself get distracted. It is highly likely that you may come across something that a dear friend or close relative would love. You may be tempted to pick that item up for them. As much as of a thoughtful gesture this is, do not stray off your path! Keep the bigger picture in mind and continue on straight to your particular deal. 

Sounds like a battlefield? Well, that is precisely what Black Friday weekends are! 

When out and about shopping for yourself – try to maximise your money’s value and get things such as clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics etc that will last you for the whole year. This is why it is absolutely imperative to have a specific list available from before, so you can refer to it as you progress in your shopping journey and know where you stand before finalising your purchases. This will also help you keep a check on yourself and your wallet by reminding you what you need and helping you focus on not procuring additional, non-necessary items. 

No Compromise on Quality

So, to ensure that you are not being taken for a cheap ride by your preferred brand – the one skill you should try to develop and enhance is that of recognising reasonable and high quality products. This way you will know if spending an extra thirty pounds on a Polo shirt is worth it or not. 

How can you help yourself recognise quality? No worries, we got you. Just get out bright and early and commence your day by checking out those expensive, high end shops to get a feel and idea of what brilliant quality truly is. Touch the fabrics in these shops and see how it feels. If still not confident, just stick to those brand names that you are well-versed in. 

No Compromise on Budget

Okay, great so you have your list and you have your budget sorted.

If you are not sure how much to spend on this product, then check out how much percentage off is it from its sales price and whether you perceive it as having value in your mind. You will be aware of general prices of the brands in your cost spectrum range. For instance, if you are out shopping for a mid end suit, then you will know that a cheap one will cost you a minimum of three hundred pounds whilst a higher quality one will go up from five hundred pounds and so. However, you never know what incredible brand deals you may find on this particular Black Friday weekend. 

No Compromise on Fitting

Whether you are out on the shopping prowl for yourself or for a friend or relative, you must get as much data as possible from them or for yourself about your fitting. This is particularly important if you are out shopping for clothes. The fit is super important! Remember, it is not just money that you are dishing out on Black Friday but making an immense effort in terms of your time, energy and research. So, you want to make sure you get the right size and fitting that accentuates your physical shape auspiciously. Know what your personal measurements are before heading out. If you already know the brands you are aiming for, try to check their corresponding sizes on their websites. If you plan to try stuff on, then wear clothes that can be easily stripped off and put back on.

Return Policy

Review the return policy of the shop you are getting your stuff at as it will differ from place  to place. One store could return you cash whilst another would allocate you store credit. This may mean that you will not get your actual cash back but will allow you to choose something of less or equal value in the shop. Also, you will want to make sure that you are aware of the time limits involved. It can range between one month to a year. 

Best of luck with your bargains! We know you got this!

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