100 Things I’m Grateful for in January 2019

100 Things I'm Grateful for in January 2019

100 Things I’m Grateful for in January 2019

So by now I am hoping you have read about my gratitude challenge for 2019, or even better are planning to join in. If this is the first you are hearing about it, don’t worry – there’ still to join and February’s challenge is not going live until Monday 4th February.

I’ve had a couple of people contact me on Twitter saying that they were struggling to get to 100, so I thought that by maybe sharing mine it would give people some inspiration. If you are struggling I would say think of things that you take for granted, things that make you happy and give you pleasure, an experience that has made you stronger, something that is coming up this year that you are looking forward to. It really is about finding gratitude in the everyday.

Here are 100 things I am grateful and I found after I got into the flow of it, I could have written more actually. They are in no particular order I find this works for best if it’s a bit of a brain dump.

  1. My children
  2. My husband
  3. My family
  4. My home
  5. My pets
  6. My improving health
  7. My friends
  8. My NCT Mum friends
  9. The school run
  10. Not getting into debt over Christmas
  11. My children doing well at school
  12. Being able to work around my children and not put them in childcare
  13. Not having been on a diet for two years
  14. Getting back into my normal clothes easily after pregnancy
  15. Books to read
  16. My laptop
  17. My new desk to work on
  18. Swimming lessons for my children
  19. Nice clothes in my wardrobe
  20. My Christmas presents
  21. Central heating
  22. A dog walker when my husband is away
  23. My cleaner
  24. Money in savings to afford a new washing machine
  25. Story time at bed time with my children
  26. That I have been able to breastfeed despite being ill
  27. That the school’s lunches have improved and I no longer have to make packed lunches
  28. Being able to have a third child when we thought we weren’t going to be able to
  29. My camera and photographs
  30. The photography course I am going on in April
  31. Having a dishwasher so I don’t have to wash up
  32. A baby that is sleeping pretty well (most days)
  33. A nice pram to push my baby in
  34. Heated seats in the car
  35. A weekend at my in-laws
  36. Phone calls with my Mum
  37. All the people that offered me help when I was ill, big or small
  38. A new lamp for my desk
  39. Big, cosy cardigans
  40. Gloves
  41. That my husband has a good job
  42. A nice car to travel about in
  43. My son’s guitar lessons
  44. The cards and drawings that my children make me
  45. Cuddles with my children (they’re the best)
  46. A tumble drier (I’ve only owned one for a year)
  47. Two holidays booked for this year
  48. An inset day before half term where we can hopefully organise a day out
  49. The NHS
  50. My children’s teachers
  51. My make up collection
  52. My wedding rings
  53. Clean bed sheets and towels
  54. That I have nice parent-in-laws (after hearing/reading some horror stories)
  55. Tea and cake
  56. My electric toothbrush
  57. Some snow last week and seeing my children’s excitement
  58. That my husband always makes me a cup of tea in the mornings
  59. Pretty stationery
  60. Watching Bodhi giggle
  61. Facetime calls when my husband is travelling
  62. Difficult days which give me the chance to grow
  63. Comfortable shoes and (mostly) ditching the heels
  64. A super hot shower in the mornings
  65. My Dyson hairdryer
  66. Brisk walks in the crisp fresh air
  67. That my husband does most of the cooking
  68. Being able to sing
  69. My blog
  70. Being able to take all of my babies to Baby Sensory classes
  71. TV shows that I can curl up to and binge watch
  72. The internet
  73. Social media
  74. My money budget spreadsheet
  75. Online banking
  76. My new sofas
  77. My waterproof coat with a big hood for rainy days
  78. Lots of lovely pillows on my bed
  79. NowTV and Netflix
  80. Amazon Prime
  81. Clean, ice-cold water to drink
  82. Leaving my job in 2014
  83. Clients and brands that want to work with me
  84. My in-box
  85. Delicious food and yummy dinners
  86. My phone and iPad
  87. Family holidays and the memories they have given me
  88. My sat nav (I used to get lost all the time before I had it)
  89. For creative challenges and the opportunity to brainstorm
  90. For being born in a time where women have equal rights and are able to vote
  91. For Maria Callas, her music always give me goosebumps
  92. For Christmas and twinkly lights
  93. My kinky, wavy hair
  94. Little escapes to the shops on my own
  95. For summer and when the children are off school in the summer holidays
  96. That I am still in touch with some of my school friends
  97. My Grandma, I want to be like her when I grow up
  98. My tenacity, determination and work ethic
  99. Watching my children play together
  100. For my life and the happiness and challenges it brings me

If you have already completed yours I would love it if you shared it with me.

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  1. I love how simple this is. When you put it in words and seeing 100 you think wow I could never list 100 things and then reading your list you don’t even realise. Like having a dryer. I totally get that I’d be so lost without mine. It helps me feel so much more in control with housework. I might participate in your feb challenge!


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