3 Handbags You Need in 2019

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Green leather handbag

3 Handbags You Need in 2019

I think I have got to the age where I am not hugely driven by catwalk trends, I kind of tend to like what I like and as far as I’m concerned that’s ok. If you’re a regular follower of this blog you know that I have a huge weakness for handbags and like to sneak them into my house and I am always looking for occasions when I might need a new one. So if you’re a trendsetter, what are the handbag styles you need to have this year? I have picked up the three trends that I like the most to share with you.


Italian Leather Woven Weekened Bag in Tan

Italian Leather Woven Weekened Bag in Tan

Not just for the beach, woven bags are in and they’re pretty luxurious too. Think woven leather, soft and slouchy, or traditional basket style with appliqué detailing and unusual shapes. Big bags are in this year too, and I love overnight bags as much as much as I love handbags, so this woven leather overnight bag is just up my street, even if it’s somewhat out of my budget!


Italian leather age bucket hobo bag blue

Italian Leather Aged Bucket Hobo Bag Blue

Bucket shapes have been around for a while, I love a bucket bag, simply because as a Mum they’re practical and have plenty of room to stuff everything that you need into them. If you get a big enough one you can put a changing roll in them for you baby and ditch the changing bag too. This year, also look for bags that are actually shaped, well, like a bucket for added cool factor.

Pink and Green Bags

Leather grab bag - cerise pink

Aged Italian Leather Grab Bag – Cerise Pink

My favourite handbags are coloured. It’s actually rare for me to buy a black handbag now, where handbags are concerned coloured, patterned and picture bags in general are my favourite. I like fun, colourful and vibrant. So I am loving the pink and green bag trend as they are, along with purple, two of my favourite colours. If you want to be totally on trend the green should be dark green and the pink should either be pale or fuchsia.

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