What Would Your Children’s Dream Bedroom Look? Like #MyDreamBedroom

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What Would Your Children's Dream Bedroom Look Like Aria drawing

What Would Your Children’s Dream Bedroom Look Like?

What would your children’s dream bedroom look like? Would it have a rollercoaster in it? A Slide? A cinema? Well this is the challenge HomeLet set my children. I set them off with paper and pencils and asked them to draw what their dream bedroom would be – the sky’s limit and I have to say they really got into this project! Both of the children drew a drawing of their dream bedroom and added some notes for you to see (I had to help Aria with her annotations as she is just learning to write).

Aria’s Bedroom (age 4)

What Would Your Children's Dream Bedroom Look Like Aria's bedroom

Aria took the sky’s the limit suggested quite literally. The purple bit at the bottom is actually a cloud and in her dream bedroom her bed will actually float on a cloud. Her bed will be a rainbow bed and will have traps around the outside of it to stop baddies getting in. You can also see Aria has drawn herself in the bed and lots of teddies.

The blue square is her personal indoor swimming pool, so she can jump out of bed and go for a swim. And finally the square with lots of circles around it is a dining table, so she can a snack whenever she likes and invite all of her friends around for dinner.

Logan’s Bedroom (age 7)

What Would Your Children's Dream Bedroom Look Like Logan's bedroom

Logan got completely carried away and didn’t just design a bedroom, he designed a whole fortress! He bed will be at the top of a castle and it will be so tall it will have two levels and a swimming pool underneath it. He will have a table and chairs for snacks too, his own toilet as he hates getting up in the dark to go to the toilet. He much beloved teddy Jemima will have her own cabinet (‘kabinet’) to put in when they’re not sleeping together to keep her safe. The room will have CCTV cameras to help keep people out. The bed also has shooting holes for his nerf guns and rockets attached so the bed can shoot off into space when he wants to go on an adventure. On top of this he will have his very own gym, TV and armchair, pet cat and catapult and grappling hooks on it too.

In fact Logan’s Bedroom is so huge he might have to rent out some rooms, it’s a good job you can get cheap Landlord’s insurance from HomeLet,  and they are also 15% cheaper when you book online.

I love these drawings they really made me smile, children’s imaginations are amazing places aren’t they?

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