My Favourite Roald Dahl Books

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My Favourite Roald Dahl Books

For as long as I can remember I have loved Roald Dahl books. They were a formative part of my childhood, I loved to read them and scoured the library in order to read everything he had ever published when I was a child. We had bought a Roald Dahl boxset for Logan before he was even two and I was so excited when he started reading them himself. Beginning with The Twits – because we all know it’s hilarious.

Many Roald Dahl lovers will know that this week also happened to include Roald Dahl Day, which I’m not sure how managed to pass me by until people started talking about it on Twitter. So, we didn’t manage to dress up for it – also because Logan is not really a fan of dressing up, but I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite Roald Dahl books.

I find it hard to pinpoint what my favourite book is – they’re all pretty fabulous. But when I think back to my childhood there are three books that stand out to me.



I’ve always loved books about the supernatural and powers and Matilda was no exception. Who wouldn’t want to be able to move things about with their minds? Dahl creates a world around an amazing young girl that adults and children alike what to be like. You have the funny tricks that she plays on her family and Mrs. Trunchball which are hilarious and then the wonderfully happy ending.

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The BFG Roald Dahl

I love the creativity in the BFG, the language of the BFG, the gross snozzcumbers and whizzpoppers that make you almost fly. As in all of Dahl’s books the baddies are very bad – what could be worse than child eating giants? But it is interspersed with light humour, the visit to the Queen is a stroke of genius. Dahl is not afraid to make things dark and I think that children enjoy this, I certainly did, but good always prevails just as it should do.

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The Witches

The witches are just deliciously evil. They are the ultimate baddy, cunning, cruel, clever and gruesome. A mastery of ghoulishness and world building I think this might be my total favourite, although it’s a close call. The terrifying world where witches snatch children from their background and one little boy and his grandmother set about stopping them once and for all.

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Logan's Favourite Roald Dahl Books

I decided to ask Logan what his favourite is too now he’s started reading them. It was probably a bit unfair to ask him, because he hasn’t had a chance to read them all or even read the The BFG or The Witches, but he has read quite a few, so at age 6, nearly 7, this is is favourite Roald Dahl book and why.


Because she can move objects with her eyes when her brain gets too angry, she can lifts things and make things move. I like how she plays all those nasty tricks on her parents. She also scares Mrs. Trunchball and makes her faint! People should read it because it’s funny, it’s cool and it’s really, really good.

So what are your favourite Roald Dahl books?

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  1. It’s so long since I read any Roald Dahl but I do remember loving ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Matilda’. My daughter is a bit too sensitive for most of his books as the humour can be very dark, but she’s read and enjoyed ‘Esio Trot’, I really need to get round to reading that! #KLTR


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