Aria’s First Day of School

Aria's First Day of School

Aria’s First Day of School

Today is Aria’s very first day of school, this day always seems to come around so quickly. It seems like one minute your child is learning to walk, then they’re starting pre-school and then wow it’s time to start school. For me with Logan and now with Aria it’s an emotional time. Sending your child to ‘big school’ as my children call it, is the first step in a process of letting them go. When you realise they will spend more of their waking hours there than they will with you. Assuming you’re a work at home or stay at home parent of course. That you won’t know what they have got up to in the day, or sometimes even what they have eaten and the information you get back about their day is often muddled and filtered.

Aria is so much younger than Logan was when he started, she is only 4 years and 3 months, where as he was 6 weeks off his 5th birthday. But that being said, she is so excited about starting and wants to be just like her older brother. She wants to learn to read and write, to wear the uniform – you should have seen her face when I labelled and put a keyring on her very own book bag. She just can’t wait to start. Although we did have a wobble yesterday when she thought she could wear her unicorn dress to school and I had to remind her about the dresses we had bought, but all was well once she realised they have flower buttons.

I am a little concerned about how she will manage in terms of tiredness, as she will find it a long day after only doing half days at pre-school. But we shall just have to take it a day at a time. She was very sad to leave pre-school and cried on her last day there, but as her first day at school has got closer and closer she’s got more and more excited asking if she can go each day. So much so I had to pre-warn her she would be starting on a different day to her brother so she wouldn’t be too disappointed. So tiredness aside I know she is going to enjoy herself, she loved her taster days and didn’t look back when I dropped her off.

So here’s to Aria’s next adventure in her life. May she make friends, have the best time and learn to the best of her ability. We’re both so proud of her and I know she’ll flourish.

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