REVIEW: Pharmacy2U Online Prescription Service

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Pharmacy2U Online Prescription Service Review

Organising my family’s prescriptions can be a bit of a tedious business. I used to be able to call up our local pharmacy who would drop in the prescriptions for me to my doctor’s surgery and then collect and fulfil them. But they have discontinued this service. Which means I now have to drop the repeat prescriptions into the surgery manually, which is a time consuming task I’d rather not have to fit into my already busy life as a Mum of 3.

I was really intrigued when Pharmacy2U contacted me as I have never heard of an online prescription service before. I also love the idea of anything that saves me time!

How Does it Work?

I cannot begin to express just how easy this service was. If you have a regular NHS repeat prescription all you need to do is go to the website and register your details. There is an easy 6 step process to register:

  1. Set up an account with an email address and password
  2. Enter your postcode and you will be able to select your GP from a drop down list
  3. You can register for yourself or someone else (for example a child), by entering your name, address and date of birth ( when you register you can also set up a free reminder to be contacted when it’s time to place your next repeat prescription)
  4. Select if you have to pay or if you are exempt the reason for your exemption. If you have to pay for your medication, you can save your card’s details for future reference
  5. Select if you would like letterbox delivery or not (this is not recommended for people with small children or pets who might have access to the mail)
  6. The final step is checking and confirming your details

After you have registered you simply go to the the ‘Your medication’ section and enter the medication and dosage of the medicines you would like and the request is sent across digitally to your surgery.

I found after my medication was approved by the surgery that all of the medications I have on repeat (not just the ones I had requested) were later on available in my medication section, which makes things even easier for next time.

Smart Phone App

REVIEW Pharmacy2U Online Prescription Service

To make this service even more convenient they also have an app for your mobile phone. I just downloaded the app to my phone, entered my email address and password and everything I needed was there, which also means I can order my repeat prescriptions on the go – instead of having to wait until I’m next at my laptop – so easy!

The Service

After entering all of my details into the website, I actually expected to hear from my doctor’s surgery and that maybe I need to register for something there in order for it to work. But, I didn’t. I got an email to ask me to confirm my maternity exemption certificate and then an email to confirm my request has been received and then despatched.

I put in my request on a Monday and my order arrived by the Friday, all delivered in a box that would fit through my letterbox. It is worth noting it does say on the website that restricted medications do have to be signed for and can take longer. So that is something to bear in mind. But you can also get your medication delivered to your place of work, in case signed delivery is a problem.

I am a genuine complete convert to this service and after seeing the process my husband will now be signing up for it too. It costs you nothing else other than any normal prescriptions costs you would pay as your medication is delivered to you free. I love the convenience of just being able to quickly open an app to re-order my medication and automatic reminders so that I don’t forget (easily done) too. A total win in my book!

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pharmacy2U Online Prescription Service”

  1. I have seen the leaflets for this! The girls enjoy helping pick up my prescriptions otherwise I think I would opt in to this myself. I think it’s going to be amazing for people who are short on time or struggle to get out. Xx

    • I think it’s handy for repeats, people who work full time who can’t always get to the surgery to organise them or as you say are less mobile.

  2. So you ordered on monday and it came on friday? Thank god it wasn’t urgent. You could have got it same day at any community pharmacy. How much do you get paid for such hagiography?

    • The service was for a repeat prescription, not an urgent prescription. An urgent prescription I would have taken to the pharmacy near to my surgery, which is actually awful for the record. I’m not saying online pharmacies should replace a community pharmacy, but this online service is really handy for repeats and I will be using it again.


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