GUEST POST: 4 Essential Features That A Family Car Must Have

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GUEST POST: 4 Essential Features That A Family Car Must Have

4 Essential Features That A Family Car Must Have

If you are thinking about buying a new family car, you probably have a list of required features you want it to have. You need to think completely differently when buying a family car compared to buying a personal car. This is because you need to consider the amount of people you need to fit in it – do you need a five or seven seater for example. As well as the different features you want the car to have from air condition to ISOFIX fittings.

When buying a family car, you need to remember you are not buying it for yourself, you’re buying it for all of the members of your family. Here are some of the features we recommend you have in a family car to consider when buying.

1. Anti-Lock Brakes

For your family car, the brakes must be ‘anti-lock brakes’ because they are much quicker and safer. If you need to use your brakes for an emergency stop, it means your brakes won’t lock and you will be able to stop the car in a much shorter distance, they are also much more effective than manually pumping them yourself. Keeping your family much safer in an emergency situation.

2. 4 Wheel Drive

A great feature for travelling in bad weather conditions. When it snows or we get bad rain you will be really grateful for a 4-wheel drive car that will help you navigate through dangerous turns and slippery roads, keeping you and your family much safer in comparison to a 2-wheel drive.

3. Programmable Key

This is great feature in new cars and a must-have for family cars. It allows you to open and start your car remotely. Unlock all of the doors at the same time, control radio stations and the volume of the stereo system, turn your car lights on as you approach the car, as well as open the boot. Much easier when you are trying to look after small children and get them safely into the car in different situations.

4. Parking Sensors

Family cars are usually larger than other cars and therefore harder to park. This is where you will be very grateful of a sensor or camera in your family car. They’re great when you are reversing your car or parking in multi-storey car parks. It helps you spot anything behind you, you normally might miss such as a pet, pram, bike or bollard. It keeps your safer, but also less likely to damage your shiny new car by hitting something unnecessarily.

Here are four features we recommend your include when purchasing a new family car. Are there any you think we have missed that you would add? If you’re looking to buy a new family car, always try to visit credible automobile manufacturers, such as Kia, because they not only provide you with the right vehicle but also share with your valuable advice for even better safety of you and your family while traveling.

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