Make your Living Room Timeless and Luxurious on a Budget

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Make your Living Room Timeless and Luxurious on a Budget

Make your Living Room Timeless and Luxurious on a Budget

Huge, curved staircases, large ornamental vases, a swimming pool, sauna, kitchen big enough to feed and army, walk in wardrobes, hot tub – these are the things we sometimes dream of having in our own homes, especially if we’ve been watching reality shows! But how can we humble everyday folk ever achieve something like this? Well, we might not be reality stars but there are ways we can bring a touch of glamour into our own homes without a magazine deal! Here we’ll look at a few ideas.

Furniture rental

It’s becoming more and more popular; furniture rental is a great way to inject a touch of glamour into your home without having the commitment of a new sofa or suite. The choices available range from the stylish and the chic, to something a little more cute and traditional. Whatever your taste might be, furniture rental is a sure-fire way to give your home the wow factor – and your guests won’t believe how often you change your furniture! Check out some show house furniture from Emblem Furniture to get a real feel for the idea.


Nothing says glamour and good taste then some well placed, large scale art. Head to your local flea market or charity shop and see what they have on offer. It doesn’t have to be from a well known artist, just something a little different that could make the perfect focal point of your living room or bedroom space. If you pick something up second hand, chances are you won’t break the bank either!

Fresh flowers

Have you noticed that in these big celebrity homes they always have vases of fresh flowers on display? Fresh flowers not only look and smell great, but any kind of greenery lifts a room instantly. If keeping plants alive isn’t your forte or perhaps your budget won’t stretch to fresh flowers every couple of weeks, then why not get yourself some fake ones? Swap them around and transfer them into different vases to keep everyone guessing.

Don’t over complicate

It’s easy to think that filling a room with lots of ornaments and stylish pieces will give it an air of glamour. Chances are it’ll just look overly cluttered and complicated and clutter is very stressful to look at! When going for glamour and expensive taste, it pays to keep things simple. If you want to display certain items, leave plenty of room around them and don’t cover surfaces in your mementos. Less is definitely more! So, don’t overcrowd your ornaments or frames on the walls. Keep things minimal and allow your items to breathe and shine!

Gold spray paint

Gold means glamour. Although real gold might be a bit hard to come by, you can always fake it until you make it. Head to your local hardware shop and pick up some gold spray paint. Try upscaling a few old photo frames, a tired looking vase or a trinket dish. Gold spray paint is a very cheap and cheerful way of adding glamour to your home.

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