Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust

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Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust - Aria in bed

Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust

Regular readers of my blog will know that books are a big thing in our house. I think reading with young children is so important and we introduced books to them at a very young age. The same actually goes with a bedtime routine.

Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust - Aria sleeping

When a baby is small, I kind of go with a flow for a while, there’s breastfeeding and bonding that needs to be established first. Plus, if you have more than one child, the evenings are a nice time to have some one on one cuddles with your baby.

However, with both of my children there came a time when I knew it was right to establish a bedtime routine, and it is one we have stuck to ever since. Just as the title, and the Book Trust suggests we bath our children, read a book to them and them put them to bed.

About the Bath, Book, Bed Campaign

The Bath, Book and Bed campaign is one that the BookTrust started three years ago with Super Nanny Jo Frost.

Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust - Aria reading

The BookTrust is the UK’s largest children’s reading charity. They work to inspire a love of reading in children because they know that reading can transform lives. Each year they reach 3.4 million children across the UK with books, resources and support to help develop a love of reading.

All parents know just how hard it is to go without sleep, so Bath, Book and Bed campaign is a simple solution is a way of encouraging children into a soothing bedtime routine. No gadgets or gizmos. It’s also a great way to start reading with your children from a young age and also encourages a love of books.

Our Bath, Book Bed Routine

Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust - Aria in the bath

Our bath, book bed routine got a little challenged when Aria was a baby and we she was diagnosed with quite bad eczema. The eczema nurse advised me not to bath her everyday which meant that I needed to adapt the routine a little. It means we only bath every other night, and on the nights we don’t bath we just have a nice wash in the sink and the carry on with the routine as usual.

Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust - Logan in the bath

We have also added something additional into the campaign in that after I have tucked each child into bed they each get their own nursery rhyme sung to them of their choice. Again this is something I have done to them when they were small.

But other than that we pretty much stick to the simple bath, book and bed routine and my children always love the reading time together.

Gratitude Diaries

When my son started school, he started to get a lot of nightmares. I have been writing a gratitude diary for a while so I decided to try and adapt this for Logan. At bedtime we started talking about ‘3 good things’ that had happened that day to help remember good things to dream about instead. The idea of it really caught on and before long both children wanted to do it religiously at bed time. The things they choose are often adorable, but also quite humbling. From cuddles, to what they had at dinner it’s always love to find out what their favourite thing of the day is.

For the Book Trust we decided to get a bit crafty. Now, I’m not that crafty but I thought it would be really lovely to make journals for my children to keep the details of their daily 3 good things in. So that in the future we can look back on all of the things that made them happy.

We started very simple with an A5 notebook in  colour of their choice and they set about decorating them – mainly with stickers. Dinosaurs and cats for Logan. Cats, princesses and unicorns for Aria. They really enjoyed doing them and spent a lot of time and care putting them together.

Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust - Logan's 3 good things

Straight away afterwards they wanted to write their three good things in them and have done them every night. Logan writing his own and at the moment I am writing them for Aria. I will have to share with you how they are doing with them a few months down the line.

Bath, Book, Bed Twitter Party

Did you know that new parents lose out on an average of 650 hours sleep per year? That’s a lot of a sleep! If you would like to ask and exchange advice on your bedtime routine make sure to join the Twitter part on the 11th April between 8 and 9 pm. Simple use the hashtag #BathBookBed to join. There will also be a chance to win prizes too.


Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust - giveaway

I also have a giveaway for readers of my blog. One lucky reader will win the following items:

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To be in with a chance of winning simply enter below.

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72 thoughts on “Bath, Book, Bed Routine with the Book Trust”

  1. I agree, a good routine is so important, Eden wouldn’t let me put her to bed without a story and this love of books means she has excelled learning to read 🙂
    Eden also writes her favourite thing of the day in a journal and draws a picture… it’s so lovely isn’t it. I quite like the idea of writing 3 good things ?

  2. I read to my children before bed and we sing a couple of nursery times before they drift off to sleep.

  3. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania (except the books which I will donate locally).

  4. bath or wash, pj’s on and a cuddle on my lap downstairs for the start of a bedtime story, when I notice the sleepiness, I take her upstairs and put her in her own bed to finish the story, its always a long one so she falls asleep before I leave

  5. This would go to my Niece and Nephew, my daughter is 17, our routine used to be bath, pj’s snuggle and chill time x

  6. My little one is not due to arrive until July but will definitely be following a bath, bottle, story routine!

  7. We put our son in the bath, give him his Vitamin D drops, brush his teeth, change him and we read a book before bed. It’s nice that he expects the same thing every night and can wind down.

  8. bedtime routine for my little ones is cuddles, bath, story in bed and one last cuddle before its sleep time!!

  9. Routine the same as most with a bath, book then lights out but I do try to wind everything down as soon as tea is finished. So, lights dimmed, no games and no loud noises.

  10. Bedtime routine is Milk, wash, change, pyjamas, brush teeth, wash face and big hug.

  11. Bath, book and bed , although my 6 year old has requested a lamp that clips on to her bed so she can read independently at nights for a while too. It arrives tomorrow 🙂

  12. We turn technology off, mummy reads a story then J and Daddy race up the stairs, Daddy puts J’s sensory lights on for him and tucks him into bed.

  13. I don’t have any routine, but I do always watch a little TV in bed until I’m ready to drift off.

  14. Gratitude Diary, a personal journal to store those memories seems an absolutely wonderful idea.

  15. It seems that soap products can be quite drying for the skin :- Young skin can be sensitive / precious. Whilst it seems that at the other extreme of the natural lifespan there is the risk of dry skin of old / older age. So hoping that both / all vulnerable groups can access / be given appropriate information / advice / prescribed treatment / s, etc.


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